A guy rates his girlfriend a ‘4/10’ but he doesn’t realise she’s right behind him

A TikToker user named @rafreacts3 posted a clip in which a man rates a photo of an Instagram model. An anonymous man from London gave her a ten out of ten with no regrets. The man even said the model is a good wife. He hadn’t noticed his girlfriend standing unnoticed behind him.

A guy (left) got in the bad books with his girlfriend (right) after rating her four out of 10.

Copyright: rafreacts3/TikTok

The man then confessed that he was in a relationship and asked how his partner rated him again. “It might be a four out of ten,” he said, insisting he does not view the relationship as long-lasting. It’s just a hookup (beat), and that’s it.” The presenter was shocked, stating: “This guy is rude.”

During a Q&A session with TikToker @rafreacts3, the man insisted his GF was just a quick hookup.

Copyright: rafreacts3/TikTok


“What would you say if I told you your girlfriend is right behind you?” he asked the man. When he turned around, he discovered his fuming GF, who slapped him hard across the face. TikTokers rushed to comment on a clip that has been viewed 400K times. It’s like a 0/10 that she even gave him the time of day. What I wanna know is if the man asking the q is single (sic),” One person wrote. 

He didn’t notice his GF standing behind him the whole time.

Copyright: rafreacts3/TikTok

He turned to find his girlfriend fuming at him, who eventually slapped him across the face.

Copyright: rafreacts3/TikTok

She can do better.” Another said. A third was seen praising her for not holding back. She’s not letting no s*** go!! TikTokers think the clip looks like a setup. A fourth says: “All scripted.”


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Here’s How People Reacted To The Clip:

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