A Guy’s Top 5 Dating Tips For Girls

Build your own individual life.

If the dating scene intimidates you a little, then that’s okay. It was designed to be intimidating. You don’t have to feel completely discouraged. You don’t have to cower under the pressure of finding success in your dating life. Maybe you’re completely new to the scene and you don’t know where to start. Maybe you’ve dated around for a little bit already and you just can’t seem to find that magic formula to make things work. Don’t worry. There are plenty of ladies just like you who are going through similar struggles. 

You might even succumb to thinking that you’re just doing everything wrong and that may be why you can’t seem to find success in dating. You might go on to doubt yourself and your methods. Put your mind at ease. There is no right way to go about dating. There is no handbook for love. There is no step-by-step guide to help you navigate your way to your soulmate. A lot of it is really going to be trial and error and you just have to be patient. 

Granted, there is a lot of confusion and complication involved in dating nowadays. There are just too many variables to consider. You have to be thinking about whether you are emotionally mature enough for a relationship. You have to consider if the person that you’re with is someone with whom you can be compatible. You have to think if you’re at a right place in your life to actually start dating people in a serious manner. Then there are the issues of casual dating and serious dating. It can all be very overwhelming, but that’s okay. That’s normal. Love was never designed to be easy. It was never designed to be simple.

But to help put your mind at ease, perhaps you might consider listening to a few of these tips. Remember that you are going to be dating men, and you have to understand that men and women have fundamentally different functions and philosophies. So if you find it hard to understand men, it was meant to be like that. But by the end of this article, you will be able to gain valuable insight into the dating life from a man’s perspective. Here are a guy’s top 5 dating tips for girls:

1. Maintain an optimistic and positive attitude.

Remember that positivity can be absolutely contagious. So if you are a constant purveyor of positivity and optimism, then you can expect the same kind of positive energy to reverberate back unto you. You will end up attracting more positive people and these men are always going to enjoy being around you. If you bring a sense of negativity and pessimism into your dating exploits, then you are also likely to be attracting negative results. Smile and be happy more often. 

2. Make sure to always present yourself as a respectable person.

No one can ever learn to respect a person who doesn’t respect herself. That’s why it’s always important for you always build a level of sense-respect that others can appreciate and even want to emulate. At the base of all relationships is a foundation of mutual respect. You have to always be able to respect the person that you’re dating if you want your relationship to flourish into something a little heavier and deeper. And it all starts with you being able to respect yourself and being able to demand that respect from others. 

3. Build your own individual life.

It’s important for you to have a life that doesn’t purely revolve around dating. You need to be able to build a life for yourself outside of whatever prospective relationships you might have. You can’t let your entire life be defined by whether or not you’re in a relationship. You have to be a strong individual before you could ever dream of building a strong relationship with another person. Once you have set everything up for yourself, then you can be ready for dating other people. Also, it is highly unlikely for a man to want to date someone who doesn’t have her life together. 

4. Be upfront and honest about your situation and your expectations.

Always be honest. Honesty is absolutely integral in any strong relationship. And honesty starts even in the earliest parts of a romance. You have to be completely honest about where you are in life and what your expectations are. You have to come clean about what you want out of love and relationships so that you don’t end up blindsiding your partner in the long run. He will always want to know what he’s getting himself into and so he will appreciate your honesty. 

5. Maintain eye contact whenever you’re talking. 

Lastly, an often overlooked and underrated piece of advice: look into your man’s eyes. It gives off the vibe that you are confident and assured. It also makes a man feel like you are being genuine and that you just aren’t playing around. He will also learn to trust you more if you manage to maintain eye contact with him. 

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