A Loyal Man Who Truly Loves You Will Never Hurt You

Loyalty comes with actions, not words. It’s the easiest thing to do: telling someone you love them and that they can trust you with lives then hurting them, letting them down and taking them for granted, making them feel replaceable. When someone truly loves you, when they’re loyal to you they will never, ever do anything to break you. A man who tells you he’s faithful and loyal will never take any chances, he will not put his relationship with you at risk and most of all, he’ll never make you feel unnoticed and devalued.

He will do everything to protect from hurt, sadness and disappoint. His life will revolve around your comfort, satisfaction and happiness. Frankly, it is never too hard to tell if he’s really loyal to you or not and men can show their loyalties in more ways than one

He will put you first:

A man like that will put your first. You will be on the top of his list of priorities. He will make sure you know you’re the most important person in his life. His actions will tell you that he cares about you, our happiness and your well-being the most.

He will fix you:

He will always want to fix you. If he knows you’re broken or that you’ve been hurt, mistreated and just, damaged before he came into your life and became a part of it, he will try to fix how broken you are. He will never take advantage of the fact that you’ve come to him emotionally wounded and he will never see you as an easy target for your mental state. He will embrace your dark side, he will embrace your weaknesses, give you unconditional support and he will try to fix you as best he can.

He will care about more than just being in bed with you:

A man who tells you that he’s loyal towards you will care about many other things before sex. He will not put sex first. He will not always just want to take you to bed with him. He will care about your mind, your heart, your health and literally everything that you can think of before caring about sexual pleasure. Your body will not be his center of attention, but your soul will be. He won’t care about how sexy or pretty you look all the time instead, he’ll care much more about how you’re feeling on the inside at a time.

He won’t hide his vulnerable side from you:

He will let you in on his vulnerabilities. He won’t hide his tears, his sadness, his disappointments and any other emotion that will put him in a vulnerable spot in front of you. He won’t care about being exposed like that, he will trust you with all his feelings. He will show you who he really is.

He’ll never lie:

He’ll never keep secrets from you. He won’t lie to you about anything. He’ll tell you the truth about his family his work life his friends his entire life and most importantly about himself. He won’t lie to you about where he’s been, who he’s been hanging out with, what he’s been up to, what he’s thinking, what he’s doing because that is what That’s what loyalty really comes down to at the end of the day; never keeping any secrets and never lying to your significant other.

He will always come back to you:

Fights and disagreements are an inevitable part of any journey of love. Two lovers cannot be 100% okay with everything about each other. There can be fights and negativity, but if your man always finds his way back you, he’s yours to keep. No matter what goes down between the two of you, if you’re the only one in his heart throughout the roller-coaster ride, if he comes back to you and sticks to your side, never losing sight of his love for you, you he’s loyal to you.

He will respect you:

He will never ever in his life disrespect you physically and emotionally. He will never let his emotions of anger, disappointment or frustration overwhelm him to the point that he allows himself to disrespect you. He’ll never turn a deaf ear to you, never threaten you, never mock you, pick fights with you, and never resort to any kind of violence or any way of disrespecting you. Ever. He will make sure he respects you every moment of his life and he’ll never put up with anyone else’s attempts of disrespecting you. If he’s guarding your respect with all his heart and mind, he’s loyal to you than you could realize in the moment.

A loyal man will be your lifelong companion, you shoulder to cry on, your best friend and your soulmate. You’ll never have to think twice about spending the rest of your life with him.

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