A Mother’s Love – This Mom Carries Her Disabled Son on Her Back to Let Him Travel the World

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This is a truly heartwarming story of just how limitless a mother’s love truly is. Niki Antram is an awe-inspiring mother who carries her son, Jimmy Antram, around the world on her back to fulfill her promise to make him travel the world.

The mother-son duo has been everywhere, from Bali to Hawaii – all while Niki effortlessly let her son get the best views from her mother’s shoulders.

When Niki was 17-years-old, she was blessed with a loving and caring son – Jimmy. But, after two months, she found out her baby boy had blindness. After a few tests and examinations, it was further discovered that he had epilepsy.

At the age of 17, Niki promised herself that regardless of her son’s condition, she would make him travel the whole world – and she has stayed very true to that promise still at the age of 46 as she carries her 26-year-old boy on her back.

Even though Jimmy has a wheelchair, he has never preferred it and is happy when his mother carries him – showing big smiles all around.

While speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Niki said:

“Planning big holidays, I always make sure I have plenty of nappies, clothes, and even bed pads, sheets and pillowcases.

“Even if I know we will be okay I like to inform the companies to give them a heads up about us to make sure they understand and are okay with having us there.

She continues to talk about how they’ve been all over the world and how her son is a lot like her:

“From Hawaii to Bali I’d be staying out all night with Jimmy because he was a party animal like me at the time.

“I will with Jimmy find ways to get him the best and most adventurous life, and most of the time, it’s the simplest things that he loves the most.

She continues on to talk about how her son makes her feel:

“He’s my inspiration.

“I see him… He’s always happy, smiling… He doesn’t see me in a conventional way, but I’m sure he has a vision of what I look like in his mind.

“Sometimes I ask myself how can I be sad when I see Jimmy, who has never seen colours, clouds or rainbows and he is just sitting with a smile.

This truly inspirational story of Niki & Jimmy shows there’s nothing a human being can’t achieve as long their heart is in it. When a mother’s true love is involved, she can do anything she wants without fail. Her son is a happy and jolly boy who has traveled more than most people, regardless of his condition.

Our hats and hearts go off to this mother-son duo and hope they get to make more of their dreams come true! You can visit their official blog to know of their latest adventures here.


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