A Professional Reveals The 5 Essential Self-Defense Tips For Women

Victor Lyalko is a very prominent martial arts master and combative athlete. He literally wrote the book on self-defense in the everyday world and it’s absolutely important that all of us are able to defend ourselves from any harms and dangers.

He is the decorated holder of many different awards and titles in the field. And he has written a book describing the most effective ways to defend yourself as a woman if you ever feel attacked.

Naturally, you always want to assume the best in people. You always want to think that people are generally good. However, you can’t be so naïve so as to think that people are always going to treat you right. There are some idiots out there who will be looking to hurt you. And you have to be prepared for these kinds of situations.

Just because you are a woman doesn’t mean that you are doomed. You are not weak. You are a strong human being and you have what it takes to actually protect yourself. You just need the know-how, and that’s where this article comes in.

1. Familiarize yourself with a man’s vulnerable spots.

It doesn’t matter how big or strong your attacker might be. Always remember that everyone has a weak spot. And if you are able to capitalize on these spots, then you will be putting yourself in the best position to defend yourself. Just remember the essentials – eyes, nose, groin, throat, knees, and chest. If you are able to land a clean strike anywhere on your attacker’s body, try to prioritize these spots specifically.

2. Learn the basic moves.

It might not be so obvious but grabbing a person’s wrist is one of the most effective ways to completely disarm and freeze someone in their tracks. To execute this move perfectly, you will need to separate his fingers by grabbing his ring and pinky finger on one hand while grabbing the middle and index finger in the other. Once you have executed that hold, bend the attacker’s wrist forward.

If you find it difficult to grab control of your attacker’s hand, you can also resort to a quick and swift strike to temporarily disarm or stun him. Aim for your attackers Adam’s apple and strike him with your fist or finger. This is a tough blow to recover from when executed properly.

3. Defend yourself from frontal attacks.

If you are grabbed by your attacker from the front and you are now incapable of lifting your hands forward, put your hands in front of your groin area and form a fist. This will separate yourself from your attacker to a certain extent. Once there is enough space, you can gather momentum with your neck and strike your attackers nose with the use of your forehead. If done properly, this will stun your opponent and will open the window for you to escape his grasp.

If he still has some kind of hold on you after you try to headbutt him, then you can proceed to use the leverage you have on him to strike him in the groin with your knee. With enough force, your attacker will fall to his knees as a result of the pain.

4. Free your hand from grabs and holds.

One of the most basic forms of attack is when someone is going to grab a hold of your arm in an attempt to render you immobile and defenseless. But this is actually a very easy hold to escape from. You just have to remember the “rule of thumb.” When your attacker grabs you by the arm, then just swiftly twist and rotate your arm in the direction of the attacker’s “thumb.” Once you are on the underside of the attacker’s hold, you will find it easier to pull your arm away from his grasp.

5. Don’t get pushed against a wall.

In any kind of one-on-one battle scenario, you will always want o make sure that you aren’t being cornered or backed into a wall. This limits your opportunities for escape. You don’t have to panic when your partner is closing in on you with your back against the wall. If your attackers arms are up and over your shoulder level, straighten your palm and strike him in the armpit area.

If your attacker has at least one of his arms at rest on his side, then you have an opportunity to punch him in the neck, chest, or jaw to create a window of opportunity for you to escape. But if he’s really getting a little too close for comfort, you can use your petite size against him. Squat down a little bit and generate the momentum you need to strike him in the chin with the top of your head. Once you make contact, immediately look for some possible areas of escape.

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