A Ranking Of Zodiac Signs Based On How Long It Takes You To Get Over A Breakup

Where did you end up?

1. Leo

As far as speed is concerned, it doesn’t take a Leo too long to get over a breakup. You just find it impractical to let sadness consume your soul. You don’t like being immobile and passive. You don’t like being idle at all and that’s why you just always choose to get over a breakup fairly quickly. Sure, a lot of people will call you insensitive, but you don’t really care. You just keep on carrying on the way that you do.

2. Sagittarius

While you’re not as quick as a Leo, you still tend to get over your breakups fairly quickly. As a Sagittarius, you don’t like to wallow in your pain for too long. Yes, you will allow yourself ample time to grieve and feel sad. But that doesn’t really take too long. Once you get it all out of your system, you have a renewed perspective on life and you’re ready to face the world again.

3. Aries

You have a great method of moving on that allows you to do it in a quick manner. You just drown yourself in physical or mental activities. It’s either you fully engross yourself with your work or you go out and run a lot of errands for yourself. You just like to keep yourself moving to distract you from everything that you’re feeling and it works for the most part.

4. Pisces

You also find it relatively easy to move on because you are perfectly okay with being open about your emotions. A lot of people will keep their feelings bottled up inside and that’s why they have a hard time moving on. But as a Pisces, you are always looking to talk about your feelings so you can come to terms with them.

5. Capricorn

You approach the process of moving on and getting over very methodically and analytically. That’s why it doesn’t really take you a whole lot of time to get over the grieving process. You have very strong brainpower and you can always will yourself to always see that the future is still bright no matter how sad you may be feeling at the moment.

6. Cancer

You’re right in the middle of the pack when it comes to moving on. You’re not exactly the slowest, but you’re not the fastest either. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Usually, people would think that it would take a Cancer forever to move on from a breakup. You tend to be very emotional but you always use that fact to your advantage. You aren’t afraid of facing your true feelings and that’s why you can move on fairly easier than some others.

7. Libra

You always feel a little lost and disoriented whenever you go through a breakup. You are so used to surrounding yourself with people who love you and so it can be very overwhelming when you are left to deal with your hurt feelings on your own. Eventually, you will find solace and comfort in your many friends, but solitude will be tough for you to overcome.

8. Virgo

Stop blaming yourself for the breakup. Your humility is your own greatest barrier to you eventually moving on from your failed romance. You have to understand that not everything is going to be your fault. You have to learn how to forgive yourself easily and accept that sometimes, life doesn’t work out the way that you want it to.

9. Gemini

You just need to be honest about your feelings when you’re talking to other people. You are just putting so much effort into trying to put on a brave face, you end up feeling tired and overwhelmed over time. It’s an inefficient way for you to move on from a breakup if you keep on acting like you are okay even though you are clearly not. People can see right through your charade.

10. Aquarius

You try to act aloof to your negative emotions even though they are eating you up inside. You have actually believed this lie that you’ve concocted for yourself. You like to think that you can shut your emotions off with a simple flick of the switch and I doesn’t work like that. You think that you’re okay, but your heavy feelings are still there inside of you unaddressed.

11. Scorpio

You withdraw into your own little fortress whenever you get heartbroken and that’s not a good sign. It’s not an effective method of trying to get over a breakup because it just doesn’t work for your personality. You shut people off even though what you need to do is to welcome them into your life; allow them to help you. It’s a struggle for you to realize this and that’s why it takes you so long to move on.

12. Taurus

You are a passionate person and that’s why it takes you the longest to move on from a failed romance. You are always looking for ways to channel all the love and passion that you have for a person. That’s why when you lose your platform to love, you don’t know what to do with yourself. You get lost, and it takes you quite a while to get things back on track.

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