A Real Guy Reveals 9 Signs That A Man Is Losing Interest In Your Relationship

1. He stops putting in the effort to try to look good for you.

He’s no longer really invested in trying to make himself look good for you. He doesn’t feel the need to make himself attractive towards you anymore. He’s just really looking out for himself at this point. He doesn’t give much thought to how he looks because he doesn’t care about how you see him. He’s not interested in getting you to stay physically attracted to him at this point. He just wants to be comfortable and move on. He might even willingly let you fall out of love for him because he just doesn’t care anymore.

2. He only ever talks about himself and never about you.

He no longer expresses an interest in your life or how you are doing. In the past, he wanted to really get to know you. He would ask you so many questions about your passions and interests. He would ask you about how your day is going. He would really try to get to the bottom of things when it came to your life. But now, he’s very nonchalant. He acts very indifferent. He is very cold and distant; and he doesn’t really make an effort to get to know you better anymore.

3. He only expresses interest in you when he wants to have sex; or he just doesn’t want to have sex at all.

It can be very weird for the relationship when the dynamic of your sexual life changes drastically. One possibility is that his sexual desires go on overdrive to the point that that’s all he ever really wants to do with you. He just wants to have sex with you because he sees you as a mere object of sexual pleasure. He doesn’t have an emotional connection to you anymore. Another possibility is that he doesn’t want to have sex with you at all because he’s just no longer interested in being physically intimate with you. He has lost that desire to get closer to you on a physical level.

4. He starts flirting with other women even when in front of you.

He doesn’t really care about how you feel at this point. He doesn’t care that he might be hurting you with his actions. He’s going to willingly flirt with other women even when it’s in front of you. He’s going to express his disinterest in you by expressing a more profound interest in other women. You know that he’s really not into it anymore when he starts to explore his other options; options that don’t include you in any capacity.

5. You don’t really share laughs with one another in your relationship anymore.

When there is very little laughter in your relationship, then that is definitely a cause for concern. It shows that you aren’t really comfortable with being with one another anymore. It proves that there is just a general tension in the environment of your relationship that seems to drowning out all of the positive vibrations and the joy. And perhaps all of that negative energy is coming from him and his growing disinterest in the relationship as a whole.

6. He starts to criticize you for no reason other than to make you feel bad.

He used to criticize you as a way to help you be a better person; and that was always done out of love. But now, you get the sense that he’s just trying to pick a fight with you. You feel like he’s just antagonizing you and trying to make you feel bad.

7. He never sends the first text message anymore.

He doesn’t really make an effort to be communicative with you anymore. He doesn’t feel the need to get in touch with you or come into contact with you. He doesn’t feel it important to really connect with you in an emotional level because he’s just not invested in being with you anymore. He doesn’t want to get closer to you and he would rather spend his time doing other things. It’s a far cry from when he used to want to talk to you every chance he could get.

8. He rarely makes time to be with you at this point.

He doesn’t really make time for you anymore. He doesn’t want to carve time out of his schedule to be with you because he doesn’t really consider you to be a priority in his life. Remember, we only ever really make time for the things we genuinely care about. And if he’s not making time for you, then it’s because he doesn’t really consider you to be an important part of his life.

9. He doesn’t engage in talks about how your relationship is going to move forward.

He isn’t invested in the future of your relationship anymore. At this point, he has probably checked out. Your relationship is practically over and he’s just waiting for the day your relationship completely dies out into nothing.

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