A Relationship Expert Reveals The 3 Signs That You Are A Perfect Match

Whenever you are just getting into a new relationship with someone, it can often feel like a gamble. You don’t really know what you’re getting yourself into and there’s always going to be a sense of uncertainty in it all.

You’re not always going to know whether it’s all going to work out for your favor but you take your chances anyway because you know that love is always going to be worth the risk.

As you get deeper into the relationship, then you might start to consider whether you should be taking your relationship to the next level or not. Based on the advice of dating expert, Monique Honaman, there are certain signs that you could stay on the lookout to determine if your relationship has some serious potential to be the one that lasts.

Honaman says that you don’t even necessarily have to wait too long in the relationship to determine if the both of you really have what it takes to go all the way. And if you’re particularly interested in the person that you’re with is truly the one for you, then this is the article that you should really be reading.

If you find that a lot of the signs listed here apply to your relationship, then you definitely know that you’ve got something special.

1. You accept one another for who you really are.

You might be the happiest couple in the world but that doesn’t mean that you’re not going to notice the occasional annoyances in your relationship.

You might think that a perfect relationship is composed of two people who are always in agreement on everything; two people who aren’t really annoyed or irritated by each other. But Honaman says that that isn’t necessarily the case.

Honaman claims that it shouldn’t really be much of an issue unless a person’s faults are really big deal-breakers for you. You are going to have to accept the minor faults and imperfections that are present in your partner’s personality if you’re genuinely interested in making things last for the long haul.

You shouldn’t think that just because your partner loves you means that they are going to fundamentally change who they are for you.

“Too frequently couples try to change one another,” says Honaman. “I hear, ‘I figured I could change that about him over time.’

The reality is that if you can’t accept whatever it is you are trying to change when you are dating, don’t hold out that you can change it after you are married.” She goes on to say, “If you are the perfect match, you are willing to accept him/her entirely. You might not prefer a certain trait, but you are willing to fully accept it.”

Essentially, what that means is that you might not necessarily have to be a fan of the way your partner might leave dirty dishes in the sink or the way that they tell the occasional inappropriate joke at a party. These are very minor imperfections that you should accept about them and just shrug your shoulders at.

2. You always enjoy the time that you spend together.

There are so many couples who think that ideal relationships are composed of grand romantic gestures and candlelight dinners. But if you happen to be in a long-term relationship, then it’s likely that you know that a lot of the time you share with one another is spent doing mundane and boring things.

You might be doing chores, watching Netflix, or just lounging around at home. You are going to be spending a lot of time together and a huge bulk of that time will be spent doing nothing.

And if you’re lucky, Honaman says that you would still be enjoying that time regardless of what you’re doing. She says that people who are meant to be together are always going to find joy and happiness in spending time with one another.

3. Your instincts are telling you that this is it.

And at the end of the day, you should just really learn to pay attention to your gut as well. Your instincts are in place for a reason and you have to be introspective enough to listen to them. Learn to really trust your intuition.

“Sometimes we try so hard to let our brains make our decisions for us when really we need to listen to our heart just as much, or more,” says Honaman. “When it comes to relationships, intuition and heart-messages are usually more correct than logical and brain messages.

Our brains may tell us that logically someone is a good match for us, but if our hearts aren’t in it as well, then trouble lies ahead.”

You just really want to make sure that you are staying comfortable and stable in your relationship with your partner. All the circumstances might change but you must always find a way to stay constant and consistent with one another.

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