A Relationship Expert Reveals The 7 Essential Parts Of A Healthy Romance

The most essential parts of a healthy romance!

Whenever you fall in love with someone, those close to you will always remind you about the importance of maintaining a healthy relationship with the people you love. But what exactly does it mean when they say that we have to be building healthy relationships? What constitutes a healthy love? A healthy romance? Well, it isn’t necessarily something that you’re going to find in a textbook while you’re in school. So that’s why a lot of people actually do end up finding themselves in unhealthy relationships much to their misfortune. You might even have experienced getting into your fair share of unhealthy relationships in the past. And while all relationships look different depending on the people who are involved in them, one thing is for certain: all unhealthy relationships never last.

So if you don’t know what a healthy romance looks like, how will you know what to look for in a relationship? How will you be able to spot if your relationship is an unhealthy one so that you can fix it right away? Well, for the first thing, you have to know that most people are likely to end up in unhealthy relationships. The reason for that is because what the media, movies, and songs feed us as a civilization all the time is that toxic behavior in relationships makes things more interesting. And of course, who would want to watch a movie without conflicts? And sometimes, a lot of us unconsciously take these toxic behaviors and we carry them into our relationships without knowing that they’re destroying our relationships as well. We have to learn to separate fiction from real life. We have to separate fantasy from reality. We have to stop expecting our relationships to turn out the same way they would in the movies and romance novels. That is rarely ever going to be the base.

So to give you a more structured perspective on how a healthy relationship actually looks like, we sought the advice of a real relationship expert. And according to this expert’s studies, here are the 7 essential elements that ultimately form a healthy romance between two people who are in love with one another. So if you find that your relationship is lacking in many of these things, then you have a lot of work to do you with your partner. And if you find that a lot of these things actually apply to you, then that’s good. You and your partner are already on the right track.

1. Equal footing

All healthy relationships must always ensure equal footing. There is no relationship that could be considered healthy if there are substantial imbalances with how both participants view one another. You and your partner must always see each other as genuine equals. You can’t put your partner so high on a pedestal thinking that they should be capable of being so much more than who they really are. And you shouldn’t be thinking so low of them to the point where you don’t really value their worth. You must always see each other as genuine partners who are looking to tackle life together.

2. Commitment

Commitment is important in any relationship because all love affairs are difficult. And the only way two people can overcome substantial difficulties is when they make a conscious effort to actually commit to overcoming them together.

3. Support

Ultimately, the goal of getting into relationships is being able to gain the companionship and love from another person. And showing support for one another in good times and bad is an essential facet of having a healthy romance.

4. Compassion

Compassion is a lost art these days in such a robotic world. People think too much but feel too little. And unfortunately, that means relationships are deteriorating left and right. We always need real compassion in our relationships if we really want to feel what our partner is feeling.

5. Communication

When you and your partner fall in love, you establish a connection with one another. And that connection serves as the foundation on which you can build your relationship. Your relationship can only ever really be as strong as the connection that you have with one another. And the only way that either of you can continuously strengthen and deepen your connection for each other is through constant communication. When you communicate with one another, you are both making an effort to see things from each other’s perspective. You are trying to better understand one another.

6. Mutual respect

Any kind of relationship must always be built on mutual respect. And so it goes without saying that a healthy romantic relationship must always have two people who have an underlying mutual respect for one another.

7. Patience

Patience is always an important aspect of a healthy relationship because that’s what ensures stability despite your humanity. You are both only human beings and you are bound to have your flaws and imperfections. But when you are patient with one another, these flaws won’t really much matter at all and they won’t get in the way of the love that you have.

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