A Relationship Expert Reveals What Most Cheaters Say After Getting Caught

Cheating is just all too rampant nowadays. It has managed to infiltrate itself like a virus into so many relationship; and it’s always unfortunate whenever it does. Of course, the act of cheating and the situations surrounding it are rarely ever simple. Not all cheaters are necessarily going to have the same reasons motivations for cheating in their relationships. In fact, there are a lot of people who cheat on their partners who don’t even have any reason for doing so. They make it seem like the act of cheating was almost an accident; and that it was merely an unmissed opportunity to engage in infidelity.

In a recent survey conducted by leading experts in the world of dating and relationships, they found that a whopping 20 percent of men have cheated in their relationships. In addition to that, at least 14 percent of women have also tried engaging in some form of infidelity. However, you also have to consider the fact that not everyone is going to be so willing to come clean regarding their infidelity; so the REAL statistics could be much higher. Of course, there are also many different kinds of cheating as it can take its shape in various forms. There is the popular and most rampant form: physical cheating – wherein two people engage in physical relations with one another. But then, there is also emotional cheating; and a lot of people wouldn’t even consider this to be real cheating; nor would it be sufficient grounds for a breakup.

If you have ever tried being cheated on while being in a loving relationship with someone, then you would know just how painful and humiliating it can be. When you get cheated on, it can be a huge blow to your ego and your sense of self-worth. You find yourself feeling completely undervalued and pathetic. You start to ponder the idea of you not being worthy of love; and that’s why you ended up being cheated on in the first place.

And it’s even more devastating when it happens to you fairly often. Because that’s exactly what happened to me. The first time I confronted my man for cheating on me, he told me that the girl he was with was “just a friend” he had run into. The next time, he told me that I was crazy and paranoid; and that I was just imagining things. He even had the guts to accuse ME of being unfaithful in our relationship.

As it turns out, there are some very common responses that people can have when they are accused of cheating. Here are a few things cheaters usually say when they are confronted about their cheating.

1. “I honestly didn’t do it! It wasn’t me.”

One of the most common responses that a cheater is going to have after being accused is denial. He’s going to tell you that it wasn’t him and that you were just falsely informed. He’s going to cry “fake news” your way and he will try his best to wash his hands clean and cover his tracks.

2. “You’re talking and acting all crazy.”

He will try to make it seem like you’re just being crazy. He’s going to act as if you’re just imagining things and that you need help. He will try to dismiss your claims by trying to convince you that you’re just insane and that you’re making up fantastical stories in your own head. He will try to convince you to not believe in your own thoughts.

3. “We’re just really close friends.”

Again, he’s trying to wash his hands clean. He doesn’t want to admit to cheating on you; and he’s going to make it seem like you were just mistaken. He will play the “just friends” card to make it seem like there’s really nothing malicious or capricious going on behind the scenes.

4. “It only happened that one time.”

In this case, he isn’t afraid of admitting his guilt. However, he’s going to try to justify what he did by saying that he only did it once. He’s going to make it seem that since he only did it once, you should still be able to forgive him for his mistake.

5. “I promise that I won’t do it again.”

With this response, he’s showing some kind of remorse and regret. So, that’s not all bad. He’s telling you that he made a mistake and that he’s never going to do it again. But can you really trust him? Can you really believe what he tells you after all that has happened?

6. “It honestly didn’t mean anything.”

Whether it meant something or not, it was wrong. And he’s just trying to make it seem like it was a small issue that shouldn’t matter because feelings just weren’t involved.

7. “I have a problem and I need help.

With this last one, he’s going to play the victim. He’s going to make it seem like he’s merely a victim of his own circumstances and that none of it is his fault.

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