A Relationship Expert’s Advice To Having A Better Love Life In 2018

Truly, words to live by.

Let’s get the obvious out of the away. Love is never designed to be easy. Not all couples are going to be built for the relationships that they’re in and that’s why breakups happen. Sure, we can meet someone we have some chemistry with, we can fall in love with them, but that doesn’t mean that we are going to be guaranteed a happy ending. There are just so many factors that go into making sure relationships work that it would be foolish to simplify everything by saying all you need is love. That’s not the case. Love alone will never be enough to sustain a relationship. And that’s why there are a lot of couples who, despite their love for one another, still find themselves parting ways. It takes a whole lot more than just love to make a relationship work. In fact, a lot of the time, the odds are stacked against couples who have no shortage of love in their relationships. But that doesn’t mean that all relationships are completely hopeless. You shouldn’t be backing down from a fight just because the chances look slim. You shouldn’t be so quick to give up on love. In fact, of all the things in the world, love is the one thing that is really worth fighting for. So don’t get intimidated whenever things start to get a little rough in your relationships. You just have to be able to rely on your emotional and mental skillset to help bring you and your partner to the happy ending that you’ve always wanted for yourselves.

And love is a constant challenge. It’s not like it’s only going to be one big hump that you have to get over, and you’re in the clear. No. Challenges are going to present themselves throughout the duration of the relationship. And that’s why it’s important for you and your partner to never grow complacent with one another. You must always be working and trying your best to make sure that the passion in your relationship doesn’t fizzle out. A lot of times, couples will grow a little too comfortable in their relationships; and as a result, they grow complacent and they stop fighting to keep their love alive. Don’t be like that. Always make sure that you don’t take your relationship for granted in any capacity.

But to help improve your chances in making your relationship work, you don’t always have to be taking shots in the dark. While all relationships are different, there are some general rules and pieces of advice that you could follow to help improve the state of your relationship. A relationship expert has revealed common best practices among the strongest and healthiest couples; and maybe you should consider incorporating these habits into your own relationship so that you can save your romance. Here are 7 pieces of advice to help you have a better love life in 2018 according to a relationship expert:

1. Take a break from staring at your phone.

It’s hard to keep ourselves from constantly burying our faces into computer screens these days. But if we allow ourselves to get carried away on that front, we silently kill the intimacy and connection that we have with our SO. Take some time out of every day to just be in each other’s company without any distractions or complications.

2. Take some time to relax and recharge.

Sometimes, the stress outside of your relationship can generate dysfunction in your relationship. Don’t let that happen. Take some time to just relax and recharge whenever life starts to overwhelm you. Don’t let that toxicity seep into your relationships.

3. Talk to your partner about what love means for the both of you.

Always make sure that you talk about your needs and standards when it comes to love. You need to be able to discussion your expectations with each other so as to make one another accountable.

4. Don’t run away from having difficult conversations.

Being uncomfortable is part of it. Sometimes, relationships will force you outside of your comfort zone so that you can grow more intimate and more connected to one another.

5. Be open to one another about your sexual needs.

Sex is important especially in modern relationships. And you always want to make sure that you’re meeting your partner’s sexual needs so that they don’t end up feeling neglected or ignored.

6. Make sure that you are always honest to one another.

Honesty is difficult and that’s why only the strongest couples are able to practice it. In a healthy relationship, there is always unadulterated openness and trust between two individuals.

7. Don’t be withholding of affection or intimacy.

Never shy away from being sweet and intimate with your partner. If you want to kiss your partner, do so. If they want to hold your hand, let them. Hug each other often. Give your partner a shoulder to cry on when they’re feeling sad. Don’t underestimate the emotional value of these seemingly simple gestures.

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