A Strong Woman Is Always A Nice Lady… Until You Do This…

There is always going to be that one woman who is going to be a cut above the rest. She is going to be in a class of her own. When you are in her presence, you are really going to pay attention to her. She is going to COMMAND your attention. She is so good at just connecting with the people around her.

She is incredibly skilled at being able to relate with anyone she interacts with. She is going to be one of the nicest people you are ever going to encounter in this world.

And the thing that makes it even more special is that she makes it look oh so effortless. However, you have to make sure that you never get on her bad side. Because once you’re there, you can expect that you’re never going to get out of it.

Here are a few things that you should avoid doing if you don’t want to get on her bad side.

1. You smile when you’re with her but you act differently behind her back.

A strong woman is never going to want to be around fake people. She is never going to want to surround herself with people who she can’t trust. That’s why you shouldn’t make the mistake of acting one way around her and acting another way behind her back.

Once she finds out that you’re fake, she will not want to have anything to do with you at all. She only wants to be people who keep it real with her because she’s always going to keep it real herself.

2. You fail to live up to the promises that you make to her.

You are always going to have to follow up on your promises if you want to keep her in your life. The thing about her is that she understands that people can fail sometimes. She is incredibly patient and understanding.

However, she isn’t a fool. She isn’t an idiot. She isn’t going to be made a fool out of by anyone. And that’s why if you don’t follow up on what you say, then that means that she isn’t really going to believe you anymore.

3. You act easily intimidated by her and so you tune her out.

It’s understandable that you would feel intimidated and afraid of a strong woman like her. But you shouldn’t let that intimidation mean that you just tune her out. You have to know that she is a woman you can really learn from. She is a woman who can help further your growth as an individual.

And if you let your fears cripple you, she’s going to see that. And a strong woman like her will no when people are only going to be a waste of time.

4. You mistake her kindness for weakness and vulnerability.

She is a very kind and giving person. She is always going to be willing to help anyone who is in need. She has a heart for others and she’s always going to want to be of service to those around her.

However, you shouldn’t take that to mean that you are just free to manipulate and abuse her whenever you want. Whenever she sees that you’re just trying to take advantage of her, then you’re definitely going to be on her bad side. She isn’t going to want anything else to do with you.

5. You betray the trust that she gives you.

Typically, a strong woman like her is going to want to see the best of people. She is always going to want to believe that people are inherently good.

That’s why she is always going to want to give her trust to the people that she meets. However, you have to be very careful to not betray her trust. You have to be careful to not make her feel like she misplaced her trust in you. Once you break her trust, it’s nearly impossible to regain it.

6. You get the sense that you can change her.

There is absolutely nothing that you can do to fundamentally change who she is. You might have your own personal vision of who she is meant to be. You might think that she is going to be susceptible to your manipulative tactics.

But she isn’t. And she’s going to be on to you. She’s always going to be able to see right through you. She is always going to know if you have an ulterior motive. And she isn’t going to take that lightly.

7. You threaten her sense of freedom by trying to control her.

And lastly, a strong woman like her is never going to want to feel controlled. She is going to value her freedom above everything else. She is never going to want to be around people who just hold her back.

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