A Strong Woman Would Prefer Being Alone Than Waste Their Lives On Immature Jerk

Strong and independent women are the ones who help revolutionize the world and push the human civilization forward. There are some serious boss women out there who are making waves and leaving marks in all sorts of industries and aspects of human life. These are the girls who aren’t afraid of just going after what they want. They aren’t afraid of working hard for the things that they think they are most deserving of. They understand the value of being able to put in the effort in the pursuit of one’s dream. These women understand their worth. They know just how great they are and they know that they shouldn’t be settling for a life of mediocrity.

They know exactly what they want to achieve in this life; they know about the many opportunities and luxuries that are within their reach. They don’t exactly just sit around on their butts waiting for good things to happen to them. These are the types of women who go out and make things happen. These are the girls who really influence the world around them. They don’t just wait around for some good luck. The manipulate the conditions of their lives to attract more good fortune. These are the women who aren’t afraid of working hard; the women who pursue big goals; the women who aren’t afraid of dreaming big. These are the women who understand that life is nothing simple; and that they shouldn’t be quick to settle for what is safe and easy.

There are many words that you can use to define these women; but one thing is for sure, these strong women are never going to be defined by the men they are with. They have their own identities and personalities. These women are their own people with their own personal set of attributes, traits, characteristics, interests, strengths, weaknesses, and passions. They are never going to blindly submit to the commands and orders of other people. They aren’t always going to be so obedient. They aren’t always going to give in – most especially not without putting up a fight. These are the kinds of women who would never bow down to any man.

The realest strong ladies are the ones who know that they are fully capable of being alone; that they don’t have to fear the idea of not being in a relationship with anyone. These are the girls who don’t want their sense of self-worth to be tied to whether or not they’re in relationships. These women have been through a lot in life – and they understand that happiness isn’t necessarily something that you can find in another person or in a relationship. They understand that happiness is always something that they can find in themselves; because that’s the best and most sustainable kind of happiness – the kind that comes from within. It’s the intrinsic kind of joy and enthusiasm for life and love. It’s the kind that doesn’t necessarily have to depend on other people.

These are the women who have dealt with so many toxic people in life; and they have grown to learn that dealing with toxic men and toxic relationships is only a waste of valuable time. They know that time in this life is limited; and they don’t want to be wasting it on the relationships that don’t really bring much value or happiness. And yes, it’s a lot easier to talk about the characteristics of a strong women compared to just actually BEING a strong woman. It takes a lot of real courage and bravery to be a strong woman in such a misogynistic world. It takes a lot of bravery to fight for what you believe in; to pursue what you really think you are deserving of. Being a strong woman means having a restless mind;

always thinking about life and the many challenges that come with it. Being a real woman means being able to resist the majority; having the bravery to take the unpopular route just because you know it’s the right one – even when other people ridicule you for it. Strong women understand that they have much to offer the world; but that they also have much room to grow. They understand that they have some serious potential to make something of themselves; and that they can’t afford to be dogging around with a guy who just isn’t worth it.

A seriously strong woman would rather settle for solitude and single hood as opposed to being in a toxic and terrible relationship. A strong woman would rather be alone than settle for a guy who is beneath her. A strong woman would rather be by herself than be in a relationship that holds her back from the things she most wants in life. A strong woman would rather do things on her own than be with someone who only gives your mediocre effort.

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