A TikTok user makes her boyfriend FaceTime her for the entire 12-hour shift.

People called a woman “insane” after she said she makes her boyfriend FaceTime her with his 12-hour shift because she doesn’t trust the women he works with.

In the video, she says it’s not her boyfriend she doesn’t trust – it’s other women.

“Might quit my job and go work with him,” she captions the video.

People were quick to criticize her, saying she “needs help” and that she will make him leave her eventually.

“This isn’t normal,” one person posted.

If you trust him, you will trust him to tell a female he has a girlfriend or ignores her.”

“I’m sorry, but he will leave you in the end,” another person wrote.

“I used to be like this, and it takes a toll on guys. Better change fast.”

“Yikes, this is too much,” one TikTok user exclaimed.

“I feel bad for him. If there’s no trust in the relationship, it ain’t work for you, sis.”

‘Give him space’

A follower suggested she “give him space” at work, adding he would eventually “get tired of it”.

More than 25,000 people commented on the video.


In his TikTok videos, Jose describes Nela as “ toxic in one post.”

“My girlfriend be so toxic, she be making me send her screenshots of what time I clock out,” he captioned one video.

In another video, he says Nela threatens to break up with him because he works too much.

But in other videos, he raves about his girlfriend and promises he will never cheat on her.

“Me: entertaining nothing but the packages cause I got the worst,” he writes in one post.

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