A True Relationship Is Two Imperfect People Unwilling To Give Up On Each Other

At the end of the day, the imperfections and the flaws don’t matter.

Relationships were never designed to be perfect. That would be too simple. No. Relationships were always supposed to be complex. That’s why a lot of strong relationships are composed of mature individuals who are willing to do whatever it takes to make a relationship work. Remember that nothing in life that is worth having ever comes easy love included. You always have to be able to work for the love that you think you deserve. You always have to be able to fight for the relationship that you want to be in. You have to fight to keep another person in your life the person you love most in this world. You have to serve as the source of strength for your own relationship if you really want things to work out. You can’t look for solutions on the outside whenever things start getting difficult in relationships. You can only look inwards. The problems and solutions in a relationship can always be found on the inside and the strongest couples always know this. That’s why it would be best for all of us to approach relationships with a certain grounded sense of realism relationships aren’t always going to be smooth sails. They aren’t always going to be sunshine and flowers. They aren’t always going to be filled with hugs and kisses. There is a dark side to relationships that we need to prepare for if we are to survive them. But know that once we get through these difficult humps in relationships, our love for our partners can only grow stronger.

The reason that relationships are difficult is because human beings are inherently difficult creatures to deal with. We all carry with us our individual sets of personalities and traits. We all have our own worldviews and perspectives. We have our fair share of strengths and talents, but more importantly, we all have our fair share of imperfections and flaws as well. And that’s essentially what relationships are. It’s two imperfect people who go into an imperfect relationship but still try their best to make things work out for the better. So while relationships can never be perfect because human beings are virtually incapable of attaining perfection, that doesn’t have to mean that relationships can’t be beautiful. There is a lot of beauty to be found in imperfect things. How beautiful it would be for a relationship between two people to flourish. Imagine the immense beauty there is in two people who are going against all odds to make things work with one another. Imagine all of the things that have to fall into place for two people to meet, fall in love, and eventually grow old and build a life together. Imagine all of the odds that have to be defied in order for a love to survive and grow. There are very few things in the world that are more beautiful than two imperfect people coming together in an imperfect relationship to form a perfect love. 

And that’s the novelty of a true relationship. It’s when two people are willing to set aside whatever differences they have for the sake of something bigger than they are. It’s when two people are willing to give up their sense of selfishness for the sake of being selfless and kind to their counterpart. It’s when two perfectly flawed individuals are willing to make compromises just to ensure the harmony and balance of their incredibly flawed relationship. It’s when two people make the resolve to always fight the odds together. It’s when two people deliberately make the choice to stay with one another regardless of the circumstances and the trials that they may have to face together. It’s when two people really commit to one another. It’s when two people make a promise to one another and they actually live up to it.

At the end of the day, the imperfections and the flaws don’t matter. At the end of the day, the only thing that really matters is whether a love is truly genuine or not. Because when a love is real, then that means that these people are fully equipped to handle any sort of emotional, mental, or physical challenges that they might have to face as a couple. When a love is real, suddenly all of the imperfections, flaws, strengths, and weaknesses start to merge into one complete being of wholeness. And they learn to accept all of these parts, not just the good ones. People who are genuinely in love don’t get to pick and choose the parts that they fall in love with like a buffet. People who are genuinely in love will always love in its entirety without reservations or exceptions. So while two imperfect people can have an imperfect relationship with one another, that doesn’t mean that they can’t share a perfect love.

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