A Wedding Photograph Altered the Course of One Couple’s Lives Eternally

Emma and Justin Cotillard fell in love right away when they first saw each other.

Their wedding day was the happiest time for them. Then, Emma found out she was going to have a baby, and they felt even happier.

But things got bad when Emma was seven months pregnant. Justin started being mean and shouting at her. One morning, he told her to go away, and Emma was really surprised because Justin had always been kind before. This new behavior made her worry.

“He had forgotten I was expecting our first kid He mistook me for a total stranger”, said Emma.

Instead of going on their honeymoon, they went straight to the hospital. The doctors did a lot of tests and gave them really sad news. Justin had a tumor in his brain. That’s why he was acting so mean.

They said Justin only had about 2 years left to live. But the cancer spread quicker than they thought. Emma prayed that he could at least meet their daughter.

Soon after the baby was born, Justin got even sicker. “My spouse was given two weeks at home by the doctors before he passed away.”

From when he found out he was sick until he died, doctors tried really hard to help Justin. But the cancer was very strong, and Justin felt very sick. Even though everyone said they couldn’t do anything more, Emma thinks maybe things could have been different if they had noticed the signs earlier. One thing they didn’t think much about was how his face looked.

Looking at one of their wedding pictures, Emma noticed something strange. “You can see that the right side of his face is a little lower,” she said.

Emma shared the photo along with Justin’s story to help others understand the importance of seeking medical help quickly if they feel something might be wrong with their health. Even if symptoms seem small, catching them early could save lives.

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Source: Daily Mail

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