A woman confronts a creepy old guy who stared at her all the time at the gym

A woman confronts a creepy older man at the gym who refuses to stop staring at her, despite her husband’s attempts to block his view.

After catching his creepy behavior on video while filming her workout, a woman publicly blasted a creepy man for staring at her in the gym. 

Heidi Aragon, a trainer in Orange County, California, posted a TikTok video of her confronting a stranger after repeatedly trying to get him to stop watching her work out. 

Using the app’s text to voice function, she explained that an old creep kept staring at her at the gym. I told my husband, and he came over and worked out with me.

Heidi Aragon, a personal trainer in Orange County, California, shared a TikTok video of a ‘creepy old guy’ walking over and watching her as she worked out. Copyright: @TikTok/fit_with_heidi
While recording her workout, Heidi caught the man staring at her repeatedly. Copyright: @TikTok/fit_with_heidi

In the video, you can see the man sitting at a machine, watching Heidi even after her husband stood between them.   

“I decided to stop exercising and stare back at her,” she said. He seemed to get the picture.

Then, when she did another set, she realized the stranger was still staring at her. She says she got so fed up with his behavior that she confronted him about it.   

I told him to stop staring, or it would make me uncomfortable if he worked out in this corner,’ she said. ‘His response was: “I’m just looking around.” 

She had her husband work out in front of her so he couldn’t see her, but he still watched. Copyright: @TikTok/fit_with_heidi
Heidi got so frustrated that she started staring at him, thinking he’d get it. @TikTok/fit_with_heidi
She had to confront the stranger after he kept staring. @TikTok/fit_with_heidi


‘I told him I recorded my workouts, and I have him on video,’ she said. He stopped talking.

Last month, Heidi posted a video of the now-viral video, viewed more than 17.4 million times.  

She wrote: ‘Don’t sit there and tell me you’re not doing something when I have proof. 

Trainer’s video has gotten more than 30,000 comments, and while many people praised her for calling out the stranger, some men defended him. 

The video has been viewed more than 17.4 million times, and while fans praised her for confronting the man, some critics complained about what she was wearing. @TikTok/fit_with_heidi

Critics who missed the point blamed Heidi’s outfit, arguing that she posted videos of herself working out thousands of people to watch. 

‘Just because she’s wearing a certain type of pants doesn’t give him the right to stare repeatedly. It’s not a hard concept,’ one person wrote. 

‘She [is] literally wearing normal workout gear for a [woman]. There is no excuse for that man’s actions. It doesn’t matter what she wears,’ someone else insisted. 

Another added: ‘What she wears has nothing to do with this. I’m a lesbian woman and don’t stare. It really isn’t hard. Guys are just creeps.’

If guys ever wonder why [girls] only gyms are becoming more popular, read the comments,’ one TikToker pointed out. 

Source: https://www.tiktok.com/@fit_with_heidi/video/7028337906926324998?lang=en

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  1. I’m always amazed that a woman dresses in the tightest outfit she can find, goes to a public place with men around, then acts like it’s a surprise she gets more attention than she bargained for. I’m not very smart overall, but this girl (she’s obviously not a Lady) make me feel brilliant!

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