Alex Jones Claims He Can’t go to Dinners Without Women Throwing Themselves at Him

The conspiracy theorist has made a bizarre claim about his fanbase by saying he can’t even have dinners in a restaurant without getting mobbed by his female fans.

“I got to a restaurant and ask if I can be put in a private room,” he said. “If they don’t have a private room, you know what happens?”

“My food gets bought almost every time, and I get mobbed all around the table, and I’m signing autographs at the table, and the owner comes out, and I get followed into the parking lot, and women are throwing themselves at me.”

The InfoWars host faced a bitter legal battle and severe backlash for his statements regarding the Sandy Hooks shooting tragedy.

The Sandy School Elementary shooting took place on December 14, 2012. The incident involved a twenty-year-old boy Adam Lanza shot and killed 26 people, including students and staff members.

The Alex Jones Show claimed that the federal government staged the massacre and was just a hoax.

“Sandy Hook is synthetic, completely fake with actors, in my view, manufactured,” he said on his Infowars show in 2015.

The Sandy Hook victims’ families sued Jones for his brutal claims and stated that he had benefitted from spreading false claims that were highly insensitive and hurtful to all the parents who lost their children in the tragic attack.

Recently, Alex made headlines for claiming that he can’t go out in public because women throw themselves at him. He even said he has to make special requests to the restaurant managers to give him a private room to eat his meals peacefully without getting mobbed by his fans.

A video clip of Jones making the bizarre claim is doing rounds on Twitter, and people have some hilarious responses to his new statement.

“Alex Jones claims that he can’t go to a restaurant anywhere in peace: “My food gets bought almost every time, I get mobbed all around the table, and I’m signing autographs for the waiters, I get followed to the parking lot, women are throwing themselves at me,”’ Ron Filipkowski wrote on Twitter alongside the video clip.

“I needed a good comedy tonight. Thanks for this,” news anchor, Katie Phang commented.

“This has major “many people are saying” energy,” another wrote.

“Out of all the things that never happen this never happens the most,” another said.

“How can he afford to go out to dinner? Every dime he has should be going to the Sandy Hook families and he should be at home eating peanut butter from the jar,” someone commented.

“Narcissistic and foolish… He has absolutely no idea how often people scowl at him and spit in his food,” an angry Twitterati commented.

“He means women are throwing bricks at me,” one comment read.

“What really happens is people throw food at him and chase him from the restaurant,” someone wrote.

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Source: Twitter

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