Alyssa Scott Wishes Her Late Son a “Happy Heavenly Birthday”

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Alyssa Scott is an American fashion model and social media influencer. She rose to fame as a ‘Wild N’ out’ model and later attracted media attention when she revealed that she was expecting a child and Nick Cannon was the daddy.

Nick, previously married to Mariah Carey, became a dad for the seventh time when his son ‘Zen’ was born. The American rapper and TV host already had six children with Mariah Carey, Brittany Bell, and Abby De La Rose.

The couple welcomed their son Zen in June 2021, just a few days after DJ Abby gave birth to his twins, Zion and Zillion.

In December 2021, Cannon announced on his talk show that his son Zen had died.

“Over the weekend, I lost my youngest son to a condition called hydrocephalus that is pretty much a malignant, midline brain tumor — brain cancer.”

“Although the tumor appeared to cause the hydrocephalus, the condition occurs when fluid builds up on the brain, creating pressure that can become deadly.”

He informed the audience that his son had some breathing issues and abnormal head size, so when he consulted a doctor, he was diagnosed with a tumor.

“I was preparing my day as it normally went. I didn’t know what it was going to be. But even by the time I got in the car and headed for the airport, I had to turn around. I turned around, and not only did we get to see the sunrise, but we got to see the sunset, too.” He sobbed.

On Thursday, 23 June, Scott took to her Instagram and wished her late son a happy heavenly birthday. The model shared a heartbreaking video with an emotional caption.

“Happy heavenly birthday Zen. At the root of all the emotions I have today there is insurmountable love.”

“I always try my best to remain positive but right now I can’t help but cry out “it’s not suppose to be like this.” In my mind I can see him smashing his cake and crawling around, tugging at my legs, but the reality is I will be the one to blow out his first candle. I will be wishing he was still here with us. GO REST HIGH.”

Former partner Nick Cannon reposted her video on his Instagram account with the caption,

“The loving, nurturing, irrefrangible, and strength-filled Amazing Mother [Alyssa] said it way better than I could ever.”

In February 2022, two months after Zen’s passing, the model posted his photos on her Instagram and recalled her last words with him.

“I know you love me, Zen. You are everywhere. I see you in everything beautiful.” She wrote.

“When I hear a baby giggle, when I see children playing. You are there. If I had one wish it would be to hold you. I know everything around me would stand still. It would be just you and me. My last words to you were “I’m here, I love you”. That will ring true until the end of time.. I’m here and I love you baby. Im just missing you extra today. My son. You are all of my dreams realized.”

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