Amazing Boyfriend Sends a Google Form to His Girlfriend Before Their First Date

Images via @maytheeleven on TikTok

They save chivalry is dead; we don’t think so. We think chivalry is very much alive, and it depends on individuals and how they want to treat their partner.

Today’s story is about a man who sent his girlfriend a very detailed Google Form before going on their first date to know how she would want it to be. We, and the rest of the internet, are amazed and super-inspired by this man.

The Story

This incredible story comes from TikToker @maytheeleven. She shared a video explaining how her friend (now boyfriend) asked her out on a date, she accepted; and he sent her a very lovely and formal Google Form to know more about how she would want their first date to be.

Graham, the man of this story, really spent a lot of effort making that form. The first-date preparation form introduces itself with a very formal note from Graham. It says:

“You have agreed to go on a date with Graham. Congratulations! He promises a good time with your preferences in mind.”

Now for the form itself, it’s incredible in every way:

The form starts off with the most important question – the style of date she’d want to go to. And it has a lot of options.

Then he asked the dress code she’d want for their date, which goes from “Basically Pyjamas” to “Dress & Suit & Tie.”

In his form, Graham also mentioned that he’s a man without a car so he asked if she could drive. We simply love Graham for being such a gentleman!

After she chose her options and sent the form, Graham sent her a beautiful invitation to the date – so official.

After their date, Graham sent her an “optional” survey form to describe how their date went. This man just keeps winning points and we love it!

After their first date, the two got into a long-distance relationship. They are happily together – made for each other. They both share their amazing relationship on TikTok.

You can follow them both on TikTok – @maytheeleven & @instagraham.mcc

Share Your Thoughts

What are your thoughts on Graham’s unique and intelligent way of going on his first date? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


@maytheeleven on TikTok

Images & Featured Image via @maytheeleven on TikTok

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  1. He knocked it out of the park I think. It show alot of preparation and thought… he will be a success and she should marry the guy.

    We are all in our own busy world. He turned a meet and great in to very special occasion as most folks would appreciate this way of life.

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