Amy Grant Says She’s Suffering ‘Memory Loss’ 6 Months After Bicycle Accident

Six months after her bike accident, the singer revealed that she is having trouble remembering the lyrics of her songs.

Amy Grant is an American pop singer, songwriter, and music artist who rose to fame in the 1980s with her singles like Father’s Eyes, Angels, and El Shaddai.

She is also famously known as the Queen of Christian Pop due to her contemporary Christian Pop Music.

Last year in July, Grant suffered various injuries, including a concussion in a deadly bicycle accident. Her bike hit a pothole in Nashville and knocked her off, and she lay unconscious for almost fifteen minutes before being rushed to the hospital.

Following the incident, the 62-year-old singer had to cancel her concerts and music shows until November to recover from her injuries completely.

Recently, the Tennessee Christmas singer spoke to E! News in an interview and revealed that she is still recovering from the accident and faces memory issues in remembering the lyrics of her songs.

“I don’t remember the beginning of it,” she told the outlet. “My memory is still coming back, and the stamina, they say 12-18 months after an injury like that.”

“Six months in, so I feel really good! I anticipate just getting better. So far, right now, I use a teleprompter [for song lyrics]. There’s one tonight. I’m so glad. I used a teleprompter on the Christmas Tour,” she added.

Amy said of her lapse in memory, “Honestly, I can’t remember what I don’t remember. I was at dinner the other night with a high school friend. We used to spend the night at each other’s houses. I said, ‘I’m embarrassed to ask you, are you and your husband still together?’ She said that Douglas died seven years ago, and it was like I had just heard it for the first time!”

The six-time Grammy winner further said that although she still has a long way to full recovery, she is hopeful it will happen soon.

“The brain is all about reconnecting all those things,” she told E!. “But it’s also been a bit of a blessing. Like, I saw someone at the airport, and they said, ‘Hey it’s good to see you!’ I said, ‘Call me crazy. You’re going to have to tell me your name!’ It was someone I knew. Everyone would like this excuse! Everyone should do this. It makes life easier to just say the truth of what is.” 

“Following her accident in July last year, Grant’s team updated her fans about her condition through her Instagram account.

“Earlier this week, Amy Grant was in an accident after hitting a pothole while riding her bicycle with a friend (note: she was wearing a helmet). Following a brief hospitalization where she was treated for her injuries, doctors have ordered additional recovery time at home for Amy, where she is now resting comfortably,” her team wrote.

“Due to the doctor’s orders she has had to postpone her upcoming August concerts (Knoxville, Chattanooga, Johnson City, Wilmington),” they added.

“The concerts have been rescheduled for April and June, 2023. All tickets will be honored at the new performance dates. There are no other changes to her touring schedule at this time. Go to Amy’s website for the latest concert schedule and details.”

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