An Astrologer Reveals The 3 Most Manipulative Zodiac Signs And The Results Might Shock You


Whenever the word manipulative comes up in a conversation, there is always a dark and heavy undertone that comes attached with it. For a lot of us, when we learn that a person has a tendency to be manipulative, we automatically try to steer clear of that person out of fear of being victimized. There are so many girls who have been traumatized by being stuck in toxic relationships with manipulative boyfriends. There are so many innocent people who have found themselves on the losing end of a power struggle with a manipulative coworker at the office. There are so many manipulative politicians who say one thing to win over peoples’ votes; but then proceed to not follow up those words with real actions. Manipulation is everywhere, and anyone can be a potential victim. However, it’s also important to note that manipulation isn’t always such a grave and terrible thing. Of course, while a lot of people can be potentially dangerous when they possess the manipulative gene, manipulation can also be used as a force for good. And of course, like all other tools in life, its inherent moral value is tied to how the agent uses it. And these three Zodiac signs in particular definitely know how to use manipulation for both good and bad reasons.

Truthfully speaking, we all engage in some form of manipulation every day. We are all prone to using people in some shape or form even when we’re not fully aware that we’re doing it. But if you really take the time to think about it, you will find this fact to be true. You have no problems manipulating your friends into liking you with your charming and approachable personality. You have no problems manipulating your girlfriend or boyfriend into having dinner at your favorite restaurant with you. You have no problems being manipulative when you walk into your boss’s office and you make the case for your getting a raise in your salary. These are all forms of manipulation but no one really gets hurt in the process; and they are all for positive outcomes. This is how manipulation can be used for good intentions and it shouldn’t really be a problem. It just goes to show that the act of manipulation in itself shouldn’t always be seen as a bad thing.

In fact, a better way to label the act of manipulation is persuasion. And there are some Zodiac signs that are just so incredibly gifted with the art of persuasion. There are those of us who are just so good at getting people to do what we want them to do. Now whether or not these Zodiac signs use their persuasive powers for good or for evil is a completely different story. There are some good eggs and there are some rotten ones. But there’s no denying the sheer skill that these people possess in actually manipulating the people around them. Find out below if you happen to be one of the best at manipulation:


Out of all the Zodiac signs, the Scorpios are probably the most manipulative of the bunch. They are very conniving people who will do whatever they can to get what they want. The Scorpios fully capable of ruthlessly using other people as tools to get what they want out of life. They are very utilitarian in that sense. A Scorpio is always very good at reading the field. They are good at determining the worth and value of the people around them. They are also very good at capitalizing on the weaknesses of the people that they encounter. They know just what to say or do to get you to trust them and then they will make their move.


A Cancer might seem all kind and innocent on the outside. Yes, they have very sweet and nurturing personalities. They have weak and fragile souls. But they are also manipulative. They are only caring and nurturing to people because they genuinely love taking care of others. But they will also use their kind gestures as a way of guilting people into treating them nicely as well. They know how to use peoples’ emotions against them. 


The Gemini. The two-faced creature. The person who you can never really read accurately. The person whose behavior you are never going to be able to predict. The Gemini is that one person you just can’t seem to bring yourself to trust and for a good reason; they are incredibly manipulative. They are capable of possessing different kinds of masks and personalities just to make themselves more appealing to a specific group of people. They are very flexible and they make themselves fit into whatever environment they happen to find themselves in. They are so good at making the people around them feel comfortable; but those in the know always take extra safety measures to not be so trusting of a Gemini. 

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  1. SPOT ON!! I have had both Scorpio & Gemini turn my world upside down over the way they manipulate twist emotions into heartaches … our with them all !! New me on the rise with smiles of joy peace inside ?

  2. My teenaged daughter (Scorpio), her dad and my Estranged Husband (Cancer) and lastly, my abusive, beyond controlling ex-boyfriend (Gemini). I’m a Taurus. Is there any other certain signs (including these 3) that I should avoid? Thanks for the info

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