An Empath and A Narcissist Together Make A Powerful Couple, But Very Toxic Too

On one side, you have the narcissists. And these are the types of people who you might not typically be fond of right away. You might actually hate how self-centered and self-absorbed these people are. But here’s a thing that you might not necessarily know about them: they are people who have been emotionally hurt in the past. A lot of the toxic behavior that comes from narcissists is actually caused by emotional trauma that they have experienced for themselves in their own lives.

Yes, on the surface, you see a very selfish and self-obsessed individual. But on the inside, you see a heart that is just full of pain and torment. You see someone whose soul has been bent out of shape; someone who has been broken by circumstances beyond their control. That’s why a narcissist tends to always seek the validation, attention, and praise from other people. They want to be on the receiving end of positive praise because they have been substantially denied of that earlier in life. That is also why they tend to seek the companionship of an empath. An empath is known to be the absolute best at giving attention to those who seek it.

And then there are the empaths. These are the healers of a relationship. They are usually the ones who are so invested in the lives and feelings of other people. An empath is someone who can always understand that everyone is going through some kind of traumatic battle. They understand that everyone around them must be experiencing some kind of pain, and that’s why they always conduct themselves with empathy and sensitivity. However, because of their empathy, they often take on the stresses and problems of other people. As a result, they open themselves up to getting hurt way too easily. That is why empaths should really practice extra precaution in their lives. They need to set boundaries as a kind defense mechanism for themselves. It can be very easy for an empath to just connect with a narcissist that they will want to try to fix; they will want to repair all the broken aspects of an empath’s life. And that is why they need to be extra careful; the narcissist can be a very toxic and dangerous influence on an empath.

When an empath and a narcissist meet, it may seem like a match that actually fits like a glove. However, even though it can seem like a powerful fit, it can also be a very dangerous one – especially on the side of the empath. The empath is going to be the one who gives more affection and effort into the relationship. And the narcissist is going to act like a parasite. They are going to leech whatever they can out of the empath. The narcissist is going to have a lot of control over the relationship, and the empath is going to end up being at the mercy of the narcissist. The empath is at risk of being victimized by the narcissist. And the sad truth is that the empath is going to be blind to all the toxic and abusive tendencies of the narcissist.

A narcissist tends to just absorb all of the energy of the people that they interact with on a daily basis. That is the only way that they’re going to exact happiness and contentment in their lives. They are very toxic and they always look to other people to boost their egos for them. A narcissist is always going to be very complicated to deal with; especially when it’s an empath. A lot of times an empath will not really notice that they are interacting with narcissists. Empaths tend to only ever really see the good in people.

A narcissist is always going to want to establish full control of any relationship that they might be in. They are going to want to influence other people on everything. They are going to impose on the lives of other people – most especially the weak ones who are susceptible to abuse, manipulation, and control. However, on the other side of the spectrum, an empath is always going to be loving and caring. An empath is going to be a genuine healer. They always want to be putting themselves in the shoes of other people. That is why it’s so easy for a narcissist to just manipulate and control an empath.

And while the fit can almost be seamless, it is most certainly a fit that is less than ideal. It’s a fit that just causes a lot of damage, destruction, and stress to all parties involved – most especially the empath. And that’s why the empath always needs to stay guarded when dealing with anyone in life. Their kindness leaves them susceptible to malicious attacks and manipulation.

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