An Open Letter To All Girls Who Are Desperate For A Nice Guy

You might be caught in an age at the moment wherein you are caught up in all the hysteria and romanticism that comes with love and relationships. You are desperate to manifest your feelings in the form of actions for a special person. You find yourself having to deal with so many feelings and emotions; you are so confused by the rumblings of your hear and the butterflies in your tummy. You spend so much time looking for the perfect guy; the one you know you can really sink your teeth into. You spend so much energy on trying to get your crush to be interested in you as well. And that’s all normal. You are just like a million other girls you age. This journey that you’re choosing to go on isn’t always going to be easy. But know that you aren’t alone in your struggles.

You are probably going to end up meeting a lot of different kinds of men in your life. Each of them are going to bring a very distinct and particular flavor to your life; and you might be interested in getting into relationships with a few or a lot of them. You’re going to start to judge them all as potential mates; as men you might eventually get into relationships with. And for the most part, you might be looking for a nice guy; but here’s the secret that not all men are going to tell you: a nice guy isn’t always going to be the best man for you.

Sure, you can get into a relationship with a nice guy; someone who is always going to be charming, sweet, kind, and caring with you. He has a very gentle soul and his meekness seems to just overwhelm you. He is so cute with the way that he treats you; as if you’re a fragile and delicate flower that he just wants to protect at all costs. He can treat you like absolute royalty; like a real princess. He could be giving you all of the most lavish and luxurious gifts that money can buy. He could take you on all of the most amazing dates at the best and most romantic restaurants. He could be saying all of the right things to you. And that’s all good. These are all the perks. But you have to know that the nice guy isn’t going to be such a good man in a relationship.

Sometimes, a nice guy can be too nice to the point that he is nice to everyone he meets. And not just nice in the way that you would want him to be nice; nice in the sense that he gets a little too comfortable with people he shouldn’t be comfortable with. He may seem like a nice guy to you; but maybe it’s all just an act. A nice guy isn’t always going to be a great partner in a relationship; and that’s why you really need to be careful. Not all nice guys can really be trusted. Not all nice guys are worth taking a chance on. Not all guys are men you should really be getting into relationships with. You REALLY have to take substantial time to get to know a person so that you don’t end up getting duped by a person’s hidden traits and characteristics. Just because someone happens to act and look like a nice guy doesn’t mean that he’s going to be a good boyfriend to you.

Don’t make the mistake of allowing yourself to fall in love with a nice guy just because you are helpless to his charm and gentle demeanor. You have to really be able to look beyond the surface. Sure, he looks the part; but is there any depth to his personality? Can you know for certain that the image that he’s portraying to you on the outside is the same kind of person he is on the inside. There is a substantial difference between dating a nice guy and a good man. And you need to know that difference; prioritize a good man. A good man is going to make for a great partner. A nice guy might just be putting forth an image.

A nice guy is someone who is going to be all talk; he will tell you everything that you want to hear. But a good man is someone who follows through with real actions. A nice guy is someone who is going to make you laugh a lot. A good man is someone who might not make you laugh a lot; but he certainly isn’t going to make you cry. A nice guy is someone you can have a lot of fun with on a temporary basis. But a good man is someone you can really build a life with.

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