An Open Letter To Everyone Who Loves With Great Passion

Dear, you who are reading this right now,

You are someone who loves with a great passion and a profound intensity. You are the kind of person who texts him even though you know that you’re probably never going to get a reply… at least, not very soon, that’s for sure. And why is that? It’s because you’re just acting so clingy. You are told that you are very needy in relationships. You are often told that your desperation is pathetic and it’s the reason that you’re hard to love. You put your heart out there and you ended up being rejected and turned away. You were ruined and discarded.

And why is that the case? As human beings, we are all expected to flourish and thrive when we have other people in our lives. However, a lot of human beings decide to hold back when it comes to intimacy and human connections. Why is that? Why do a lot of us seem to be allergic to getting close to other people? We know that we can’t afford to be alone in this life and yet it scares a lot of us to get deeper with others at the same time.

But you’re not like that. You’re cut from a special cloth. You aren’t someone who is all sewn up and closed off to the rest of the world. You are practically an open book. You are the type of person who willingly opens yourself up to others even though you know that you are opening yourself up to getting hurt. Whenever you love, you always do so very deeply, immensely, intensely, and passionately. You have to be that way because you know that even though it’s difficult to always stay sensitive to those around you, it’s absolutely essential because it’s part of being human.

You are the type of person who would let anyone in because you genuinely believe in the best of people. You are always so willing to just open your heart out to anyone you might meet because you don’t like to think ill of them. You are always loyal to the people you love because that’s just how you are built. You have a very caring and compassionate heart. You always want to protect your friends and family from anything that might harm them. However, you are a fierce protector of others but not of yourself. You end up neglecting your own needs and you are the one who keeps on getting hurt as a result. And you don’t really know how to live life in any other way. You know that you would never forgive yourself if you ended up hurting another person. There is already so much pain and suffering in this earth and you don’t want to be adding to it. You know that you wouldn’t be able to live with yourself if you knew that you were the cause of someone else’s pain. But why does it feel like people refuse to do you the same kind of service?

Why does it keep happening to you over and over again? You meet someone you become interested in and you decide to wear your heart on your sleeve. And the moment that they see that you’re getting real with them, they vanish from your life. You think that love is this thing where two people really get to know one another. You want to be with someone who understands you even when no one else does. You want to be with a person who protects you whenever you’re feeling vulnerable, insecure, or sad. You want to be with someone who really gets to the core of your being. You want someone who you know you can always rely on to be there for you even when it’s inconvenient. You want a partner who is always going to push and support you even when you no longer believe in yourself. You want someone who is always going to love you even when you feel unlovable. You want one person with whom you can share the best memories of your life with.

But it’s really difficult for you. Other people just don’t seem to be too welcoming of the love that you want to give them. Why do they feel that way? What are they so afraid of? You are someone who has decided that love is all or nothing – and you choose “all” every single time. And you seem to always get nothing in return. You are broken on the inside. You are torn apart and ripped to shreds. But perhaps that’s okay. Maybe that’s the road that’s meant for you. You are never going to stop being who you are. You will love and love and love until you breathe your very last breath. And even though you might be alone for a little while longer, at least you’re happy in the fact that you never withheld your love.

So, continue to be brave. Be strong in love.


Someone like you.

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