An Open Letter To The Girl Who Gave Her Love To Someone Who Wasn’t Deserving Of It

To start things off, it’s important that you understand that you are not a weak human being; and that no smart person in this world is ever going to brand you as such. You are far from being stupid. You are far from being an imbecile. You’re not too weird. You’re not unlikable. You’re not someone who is difficult to love. You are not a person of no worth. In fact, you are the complete opposite of these things and there’s no reason for you to ever feel ashamed of yourself. You have to realize just how strong, brave, persistent, and courageous you really are. You are so incredibly strong for giving your love to a person who was clearly undeserving of it.

It’s ordinary to love the beautiful; but it’s always beautiful to love the ordinary. And you were clearly loving something that was less than ordinary; something that was undeserving. So, in turn, what you did was more than just beautiful. It was immaculate and pure. Your love was unadulterated and real. Your love was worth emulating because it knew no bounds. And that’s the kind of love only the strongest of us are capable of giving. You are such a brave human being for allow yourself to endure the pains of loving someone who didn’t deserve it. You put yourself through so much just for him; just so he could feel how much you loved and cared for him.

You are so brave for always putting your best foot forward even when you knew that you were being used, abused, and taken advantage of. You are so brave for staying in a relationship that only made you realize your own worst insecurities and demons. You are so strong for carrying a relationship that was practically deadweight; a relationship that you had to carry on your own. You are so strong for having to put up with a partner who never acted like a partner to you at all. You fall in love the way that the strongest people always do – ever so intensely, passionately, and unconditionally. Because that’s what love is always supposed to be.

Shakespeare once said that true love does not alter when alteration finds. And that’s the kind of love that you have; a love that that doesn’t waver. You have a love that is never going to fade to the background. When you fall in love, you always do so confidently – with all of your heart, mind, and soul. You give all of your energy to your love because you believe that love is the single most beautiful thing in the world. You understand that any kind of love that comes with conditions is no love at all. You believe that love should always be passionate and intense; and that it should continuously be built and worked on throughout the duration of its existence.

You are the kind of girl who believes that everyone and everything is always going to be deserving of love. No matter how cruel, manipulative, or abusive a person can become to you, you are always ready to give your love in return. That’s exactly what you gave to him; the amazing kind of love that you usually give. And even though now, you only have your emotional wounds and scars to show for it, you regret none of it. Why? Because you know that you loved the right way even if you lost. And if you are ever thrust into that position again, you know that you wouldn’t do anything any differently. And that’s what make you stronger than most of us in this life.

You are the kind of girl who knows that love is time; and that you can never really love anything or anyone that you don’t give time to. And even though you found yourself moving heaven and earth to make your partner feel your love, he couldn’t be bothered to do the same. Somehow, you were the one who was always making adjustments in your schedule. You were the one who was always feeling burned out and tired. You were the one who was always putting in maximum effort for the sake of your relationship; and you were also the one who ended up getting your heart broken in the end.

Is any of that fair? Did you really deserve the way that you were discarded? Did you really have to put yourself through that kind of torment? Of course not. You could have walked away. You could have chosen to be cruel in return. You could have chosen to be more withholding of your love. But you didn’t. You didn’t take the easy way out – and that’s why you’re so much stronger than the rest of us.

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