An Open Letter To The Man I Couldn’t Wait For Any Longer

I’m done waiting for you to give me an answer:

I can’t allow you to be uncertain about loving me any longer. I’m done with waiting on you for your final answer, I’m done with you always trying to evade me when I ask you if you really want me, if you really want this. I know you’re always finding ways to run from confronting me about your indecisiveness that has kept me hanging forever now. I know you have no answers to my questions. I know that if you had your way you’d keep me waiting all my life. I can’t let you come and go as you please. If you can’t answer me in a “yes” or “no”, if you just can’t be sure then I’m going stop hoping for us to work out as a couple.

1. I can’t let you have it your way anymore:

You’ve done it enough and it’s about time I made you realize that it’s unfair to me and that it has to stop, right here, right now. You’ve always made sure to have your way with me. You talk to me when you want and avoid me when you want. You’re nice to when it’s convenient for you and I turn into your punching bag when you’re feeling like treating me that way. I can’t let you treat me like your puppet because it breaks my heart to be taken for granted only because I have loved you and let you in on my life. This can’t go on.

2. I’m done waiting for you to make our relationship grow into something serious:

You have to stop keeping me hanging. I really cannot do this to myself anymore and I’m going to protect myself when you try to do it to me again. You can’t tell me “you need time” to commit, to make promises, to make this a real serious thing because I’m not here for that anymore. I’m not going to let you walk all over me. I have loved you but I was never blind enough to forget about loving myself along the way. I can’t make room for your excuses anymore.

Deep down I know you’re always going to treat me like this; like we could have something legitimate at some point in time but you’re not prepared, because for you the time will never be right. If we’re going to be at the stage of uncertainty where you’re not sure about me and about us then its time you left me and took your doubts with you.

3. I’m done feeling like I’ll never be good enough for you:

All this time you’ve made me feel like someone who you’ll always be too good for. Like I’ll never be enough for you because I know I’ve done everything in my power to prove to you that I will always love you more than anyone ever could and I’ve finally realized that it’ll never be good enough for a man like you who doesn’t even truly want me to begin with. I’m not going to waste my love on you anymore.

There can’t be an in-between anymore. It’s either black or white. You either want me or you don’t. You have no right to make me feel like I don’t have what it takes to woo you, win you over, make you fall in love with me. I’m not going try at all anymore because I know I’m good enough, I’ve always been, you just can’t see it because you simply don’t want to.

4. I won’t settle for any less than I deserve:

This time, I’m letting go of you for good because I can’t settle for someone I don’t deserve. I can’t take my life in that direction. I’m truly over how you’ve treated me knowing it’s not what I deserved. You’ve treated like your doormat even though you knew I have done nothing but loved you truly throughout. You know I do not deserve the pain you’ve put me through. Deep down you know that you’re on the wrong side of this, you know I deserve much, much more than this and yet you’ve done nothing to fix that. You’ve only shamelessly continued to break me, to make me feel like an idiot for trusting you with my feelings.

I’m broken but I’m feeling strong. I should have never waited on you for this long. I should’ve let you go the very first time you hurt me, but I kept telling myself it would change, you would change. It is time I stopped expecting you to value me, to be afraid to lose me. I’m done waiting for you to finally tell me you’re more than sure about me, that you love no one else but me. I’ve accepted the reality that you’ll never stop playing these games with me and breaking my heart over and over. I’m letting you go for good because I still have faith in true love and I know it’ll find its way to me. I’ve come to terms with the fact that you’re not the one and I’m never making the mistake of opening my doors for you ever again.

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