Angry Italians Furious at Kanye West’s Wife’s ‘Hugely Disrespectful’ Outfits

Italians have slammed Kanye’s wife, Bianca Censori, for sporting highly inappropriate outfits during the couple’s visit to their country.

Last week, the Flashing Lights artist, 46, visited Italy along with his second wife, 28-year-old Censori, who was seen wearing revealing mesh ensembles leaving her bare breasts exposed.

After seeing the Australian architect wearing those ‘disrespectful’ outfits, Italians took to social media and called out Bianca for not respecting their traditional Catholic ways and modesty culture.

“We don’t need this trash in Italy,” one user wrote, while another slammed Censori by calling her ‘vulgar’ and ‘classless.’

“Planning a trip to Italy, I have read several times that Italians are very fashionable and are fairly conservative in their clothing choices. Wonder what they think of this exhibitionist?” someone wrote.

“The classy Italians won’t be impressed, that is for sure. What an absolute mess!” a third added.

“The Italians will be horrified. This is sexy at home between adults, but trashy in public,” another said. “Someone forgot to tell ex “Reverend” Kanye that they are in a conservative Catholic nation, not Miami or NYC.”

Another angry person commented, “Absolutely disrespectful and awful outfit. I don’t care he’s dressing her, she doesn’t have to let it happen. I thought Italy is one of the many European countries you can get prosecuted in for not wearing appropriate clothing?”

On Wednesday, while in Florence, Censori was seen going to a restaurant with Ye wearing a mesh top that showed her bare breasts and a long dress with a low waist. People were also surprised to see her stepping out wearing no shoes.

The next day, she appeared again without shoes, this time in black leggings and a very small bikini top that hardly covered her nipples. And on Saturday, as she and Kanye explored Tuscany, Bianca wore a see-through outfit that looked like a one-piece suit, along with heels. Once more, her bare breasts were easily seen through the thin material.

The couple reportedly tied the knot in a secret ceremony in Beverly Hills, California in January.

Although, Ye still hasn’t confirmed his wedding to Bianca, the 28-year-old blond beauty confirmed her marriage to him in a viral TikTok where a man tried to flirt with her in a Los Angeles department store.

“West and Censori, who appears to have worked as an architectural designer for the fashion brand for a handful of years based on her LinkedIn profile, reportedly said “I do” and exchanged wedding rings — without filing a marriage certificate to make their union a legally binding one,” per Page Six.

“The happy couple were seen sporting bands on their ring fingers as they arrived at the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills hotel that same day.”

It has yet to be determined if the duo was dating for long; however, Censori joined his company, Yeezy, in November 2020.

The Praise God rapper also released a song titled, ‘Censori Overload’ in 2022 – and now we know why!

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