Answer These 4 Questions To Know What Personality Type You Have

All you really have to do is answer these 4 simple questions and you would be able to find out a lot about what kind of personality type you really have. Take note of the letters that correspond with your answers. And then scroll down to see what combination of letters ultimately define your personality type.

What are you inclined to do when you feel exhausted?

  • Go and talk to your friends (E)
  • Stay at home to watch movies or read books (I)

Which of the following would better describe you as a person?

  • I like to live in the present and really pay attention to the things that are happening all around me (S)
  • I like to daydream and fantasize about the future. I look forward to the things that are about to happen to me (N)

You find yourself in a situation wherein you have to make an important decision. How do you go about making up your mind?

  • You try to approach it with a rational and logical mind (T)
  • You assess your feelings and emotions about the whole situation (F)

You are about to attend an event. What do you do to prepare for it?

  • You plan out every single aspect of the event in advance (J)
  • You just try to wing it and respond to the circumstances as they present themselves (P)

Based on your answers, add up the collection of letters that apply to you. This is your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Read on below to find out what kind of personality you have.

1. Mastermind (INTJ)

You are a very rare personality type. You are ambitious, curious, and you have a very rich and colorful imagination. You are very energetic and you don’t really like to waste your time.

2. Logician (INTP)

You are ever so creative and ingenious. You have a very unique perspective and mind. You are always able to come up with new ways to look at situations and issues. You have a powerful intellect.

3. Commander (ENTJ)

You are a natural leader. You have no problems with calling the shots regardless of the situation that you’re in. You always find yourself taking command of a group. You are so comfortable whenever you are thrust into leadership roles.

4. Debater (ENTP)

You are so very smart. People tend to become very intimidated whenever they get into fights or debates with you. You love getting into intellectual sparring sessions with other people because you get to highlight your strengths.

5. Advocate (INFJ)

You are very much passionate about social justice and common good. You always like to make sure that people are morally upright. You are always advocating for the “right” thing in life and you are relentless about it.

6. Mediator (INFP)

You are often misunderstood with your personality type. You come across as very reserved and calm. But the truth is that you are actually very much passionate in your principles. You always stand for what you believe in.

7. Protagonist (ENFJ)

You are a born leader with boundless charisma and charm. You are often thrust into leadership roles a lot in your life. You are so used to always trying to get the most out of the people around you.

8. Campaigner (ENFP)

You are ever so charming. You have a compassion about you that people find endearing. And you are also very energetic. You really do stand out in a crowd because of your overall demeanor. You truly are the life of the party.

9. Inspector (ISTJ)

You are smart and there’s no denying it. You are so practical and you always try to make the rational choice in life. You don’t cut corners and you always believe in doing things in the right way to make the most impact.

10. Defender (ISFJ)

You are a genuine altruist. You believe in social change. You are very much passionate about the causes that you have in life. And you always show endless enthusiasm that can really be infectious to those who are around you as well.

11. Executive (ESTJ)

People of this personality type actually find it important in people communities and social units together. They like to surround themselves with like-minded people and they are very much engaged in group dynamics all of the time.

12. Provider (ESFJ)

You are someone who is always so ready to provide for the people you love. You are always ready to be of service to those who are closest to you. You would do anything in your power to make the people around you happy.

13. Virtuoso (ISTP)

You are someone who adores new experiences and unfamiliar situations. You are so curious and you always like to be expanding your perspective on things. You have a very open mind and that’s why you always want to be learning.

14. Adventurer (ISFP)

You hate being boxed in. You hate it whenever you are being limited or shackled. You always want to be going out and exploring. You always want to be immersing yourself in new environments.

15. Entrepreneur (ESTP)

You are ever so fun to be with. You have a great sense of humor and people tend to really enjoy the time that they spend with you. You often find yourself being the life of the party.

16. Entertainer (ESFP)

You are ever so spontaneous and you like to infect other people with your spontaneity as well. You always want to make sure that people are staying positive. And you like to spread that positivity wherever you go.

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