Aquaman Fans want to see Emilia Clarke in the role of Mera with Jason Momoa, Not Amber Heard

Once again, ‘Replace Amber Heard with Emilia Clarke’ demand is all-time high!

Ever since her legal battle with ex-husband Johnny Depp started, people have supported the Pirates of the Caribbean star and heavily criticized Heard for being a drama queen and a manipulative bitter ex.

Marca reported that fans are again urging Warner Bros. to remove Amber from the Aquaman sequel and cast Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke for the main role of Mera.

“It’s not just the many different photoshopped images of the Game of Thrones actress flooding the web. The fans are genuinely eager to see her reunite against Jason Momoa, who played her love interest in Game of Thrones.”

The DC sequel in which Amber has played the role of Aquaman’s love interest Mera has already finished shooting and is ready to be released in 2023.

The petition to remove Heard from the sequel resurfaced in June after the conclusion of her blockbuster trial against Depp.

When the jury decided to favor the Rum Diary actor, his fans set a new goal for the original 2020 petition that was first posted when Depp was removed from the Fantastic Beast franchise. It received 1.5 million signatures back then and was revitalized during Depp and Heard’s court trial.

The creator of the infamous petition, Jeanne Larson, posted a victory update after the verdict was announced:

“So, while the headlines may be heavily skewed in Heard’s favor, celebrating her $2m win, the truth of the matter is that Johnny is today’s winner, coming out on top with a $15m judgement.”

“It’s high time Johnny is able to vindicate himself, prove that he was the victim in their relationship, and get his reputation back.”

“Now maybe he can carry on with his life getting back to normal. Or as close to it as he can get. Let’s all wish him well and look forward to seeing him in the movies again.”

Recently, some photoshopped images of Clarke wearing Mera’s suit and being all red-head were circulated on Twitter, along with her name appearing in the movie’s cast list on Google.

Now, fans are again urging the movie’s casting directors to reconsider sticking with Heard for the sequel.

“I can actually see this. It works well. Bye bye Amber heard lol #Aquaman2.” One Tweet read.

“Uhh ok seriously tho… can we get Emilia Clarke to play #Mera now? Now that #Aquaman has been pushed back to December 2023 WB has loads of time to make things happen.” Said another.

“If it’s Emilia Clarke for Mera please give her more screentime please please.” Someone else wrote.

“Emilia Clarke is beautiful, she fits the role better for Aquaman , has better chemistry with Jason Momoa, and doesn’t SH¥T on beds. That’s a plus,” Another tweeted.

“Emilia Clarke is far superior. She’s a better actress and a better person. I would pay to see Aquaman 2 just to see Emilia play Mera.” A passionate fan commented.

While we are still unsure about the authenticity of this news, one thing is for sure – until the movie is released, people won’t stop talking about Amber being a part of it.

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Sources: MarcaTwitter

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