Are you in love with your best friend?

Life is long and difficult, but it becomes a whole lot better when you have your best friend by your side. Life would become a fairy tale if you end up falling in love with your best friend! I did and it was the best ting that ever happened to me. I can’t imagine a day without him! It took a long time to figure out that what I felt for him wasn’t friendly affection, it was love.

The line between being affectionate and being in love is very fine; you just have to know the difference.

  1. You both communicate all day long

People talk with their best friend all day long, they share each and everything. It’s one of the best feelings a person could possibly have. If you feel butterflies in your stomach each time your phone rings and you get excited to hear their voice or you tend to become anxious and upset every time you cannot get in touch with him them.

Chances are that, you might have been struck by cupid. You call them your best friend but in reality you are in love with them; it is as if you cannot live without them.

  1. You get jealous

Yes! It is love when you cannot see them hang out with someone else because you think you own your best friend. You are in love with them when you cannot listen, to them talking about their crush, because you feel so jealous and possessive. It’s okay, calm down they don’t know how you feel and your behavior might upset them.

  1. Being comfortable.

It’s not about being comfortable physically but being comfortable emotionally and mentally with your best friend you don’t hesitate before sharing anything with them. You might have a million things too hide from the world but in front of them you are an open book.

Whenever they are around you, you feel protected and secure. This feeling of assurance, when you are your most venerable might be an indication of love. *Continue reading on next page*

  1. Thinking about them all day long!

When you love with some one you can not stop thinking about them. No matter where you are or what you are doing. No matter where you are they are always on your mind and it feels good to think about them. You literally lose control over your thought process.

  1. Over-protective

Everyone has fears and they are afraid that those fears might come true. If you get paranoid at the thought of losing your best friend no matter what they do, their might be more to your relationship than friendship. Fact is, you can not imagine your life without them. You tend to care for them a little too much. This care can sometimes leave you pretty hurt but remember they don’t know yet and they will value your feelings once they do.

  1. You have the best time together

After a very bad day when you talk to your best friend, you forget all your worries. In no time you are enjoying and laughing your sorrow away. When you are with them you feel like you have nothing to worry about in your life, and that is the best feeling in the world! You know they have your back just like you have theirs!

  1. Your calls usually last all night long

You wait all day long to talk to them. Once you are back from work you can’t wait to share every detail of the day with them. You feel exuberated when you hear their voice and you fall asleep talking to one each other EVERYDAY! The next day it’s the same thing, because you just can’t have enough of them, it’s a eat sleep repeat kind of situation.

Your night long discussions include; inside jokes, drama, fights, qualitative discussions, ongoing advice sessions, gossip and much more. You wake up, feeling fresh and happy! Nothing better than quality time spent with the person you love right? Right.В *Continue reading on next page*

  1. Cannot find someone better than them

No matter how hard you, try you cannot find someone better than them, literally! No one you know ever attracted you, as much you are attracted towards them. You always wonder how your best friend is so full of qualities, how he or she is so perfect and you will murder the person who says otherwise.

  1. You like the little fights, too

You cannot survive without the little arguments you have with your best friend because no one seems to understand you better. Finally there is someone you can be yourself in front off! Sometimes, arguments turn into fights and when you do have those little ones, you cannot resist talking to one another and in no time you are back at it. Rock on guys!

  1. Every song reminds you of them

Every love song you listen to reminds you of your best friend, it’s like the poet had the both of you in mind while writing the lyrics of the song. It’s wired how you both share a memory with every song on your play list. Plus there is this one song both of you love and as soon as it comes on, you can’t help but dance!

  1. You are always excited to meet your best friend.

Each moment you spend together is unforgettable. You always end up looking at pictures and remember all the crazy times of love and happiness you spent with each other. When ever you guys meet, you tend to get super excited and you dress up the best you can. No matter how much time you spend with one another, meet ups always seem to be too short. After every time you hang out you wonder how long you would have to wait, before you get to see your best friend again.

  1. You pamper and spoil them!

Being pampered when you are sad is the best feeling in the world! You spoil them all you can when they are hurt or sad. You go out o your way to make them feel better. You would happily take a day off of work to spend time with them.

Money is nothing as compared to the smile on their face and you are willing to do any thing for it. You buy them presents and plan surprise parties on every occasion. I am pretty sure you are in love with a person when you want them to feel happy all the time.

Love is the best feeling in the world. You should not hold in your feelings for them. Take your time and tell them. I know the feeling I insecurity that sets in when you hide your feelings from some one, so open up.

Who knows? It might turn out to be the best decision you ever made.

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