Ashton Kutcher Admits his movie ‘No Strings Attached’ was EXACTLY similar to Mila Kunis’s ‘Friends with Benefits’

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis make one of Hollywood’s most loved and hot favorite couples.

The actors first met on the set of ‘That 70s Show’ when Kunis was 14 and Kutcher was 20. The show aired in 1998; however, the duo hooked up in real life in 2010.

Recently, the actor reunited with his No Strings Attached costar, Natalie Portman, for a joint Peloton workout session on Our Future Selves, and admitted that his 2011 movie with Portman was exactly similar to Mila and Justin Timberlake’s Friends with Benefits, released the same year.

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“I think the first time we really started hanging out is when we shot No Strings together,” said Kutcher.

“Who would’ve thought 20 years later, we’d be on a Peloton together?” Natalie responded.

Then Kutcher added, “Wait, it’s also weird because my wife was shooting basically the same movie called Friends With Benefits.”

Both movies were about people who initially decided to keep their relationships strictly physical; however, with time, they developed genuine feelings for their partners.

“Both films were successful. No Strings Attached made a higher profit domestically—$70 million versus $55 million, according to Box Office Mojo.”

“Curiously, both films earned almost the same amount worldwide—$149 million. Friends With Benefits had a slightly higher budget—$35 million versus $25 million for the other movie.” Per E!

While the Two and a Half Men actor spoke up about the iconic movie coincidence only recently, fans assert that they have been saying this since the two movies came out.

“I always ALWAYS knew No Strings Attached, and Friends with Benefits were way too similar, and I used to get them mixed up,” someone wrote on Twitter .

“I remember watching Friends With Benefits and saying I could have sworn I watched this. Eventually, realizing No Strings Attached was virtually the same film. I watched them on red box,” another said.

“Coincidentally, the year after these movies were released, Mila and Ashton had a No Strings Attached Friends With Benefits relationship,” another user added. “Been their fangirl for several years already, and I’ll never stop fangirling on their love story from their teen days to similar movies.”

“Friends with benefits and no strings attached coming out at the same time while they were dating each other is wild lol,” someone else wrote.

“While I like “friends with benefits,” I absolutely ADORE “no strings attached.” I know they’re similar, but NSA hits different to me. I guess it’s the Natalie Portman’s power. She has chemistry with everyone, and she makes every movie she’s in rewatchable over and over again,” commented another.

In the same episode, Natalie also pointed out that she and Kunis also shot a movie called Black Swan together right before the aforementioned rom coms. 

“And Mila and I had just shot Black Swan together. So we were all making out with each other.”

Portman’s thriller drama Black Swan was released in 2010 and became twice more successful than Friends and No Strings Attached.

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