Woman Who Found a Sperm Donor on Facebook is Now a ‘Proud’ Single Mother of Five Children

A woman did not want to date anybody, but she always wanted a big family for herself. So, she found another way to get pregnant.

Brooke Withington, 28, is an Australian citizen who has wanted to be a mom since she was eight. However, she didn’t want any more men in her life, so she turned to an online community to help her conceive.

Today, the Gold Coast native is a doting mom to five children, four of whom were conceived naturally, and one was brought into this world with the help of a sperm donor.

“Ever since I was about eight years old, I knew I wanted a large family,” she told news.com.au. “I always wanted at least five children. Of course, I thought I would be married before I started having kids.”

“It didn’t work out like that, but I feel like it all happened exactly how it was meant to,” Brooke added.

“After I had my third baby Odette, I didn’t want to date anymore,” she continued. “I was so happy and content on my own, but I still wanted more children. That is when I decided I would go down the sperm donor route instead.”

Brooke welcomed her first child, Edward, in 2014 when she was only 19.

“It was such an incredible moment when I first became a mum,” the mum-of-five told 7Life. “The second I saw him, my whole life changed.”

Withington welcomed her second child, Gilbert, in 2016 and her third child, a daughter named Odette, in 2018.

“All I remember feeling was so much love when I saw Gilbert,” she said. “Odette was my first girl – it was so special when she was born.”

”I remember being in disbelief that I got a little girl, it was so surreal.”

According to Withington, the children were conceived naturally, but none of them were planned, and the men she had these children with are not in the picture anymore.

“I was so happy on my own. I just wanted to spend time with my kids, not go on dates or try to meet anyone,” she said, adding that she didn’t want to stop at three kids and wanted more children.

So, instead of conceiving her fourth child naturally, Withington contacted a Sperm Donation Group on Facebook.

“(It) sounded like the right decision for me,” she told 7Life.

Brooke spoke to the Daily Mail and explained her experience with the sperm donation group.

“I booked a hotel room, and he (the donor) went into the room and messaged me when he had the semen in a jar, then he left and I went in. I have always been a very fertile person which I’m so grateful for, but right before I inserted the syringe I remember looking at the semen in there and thinking ‘there’s no way this will work,” she said.

“But I inseminated myself with the syringe and it worked first time… I was as surprised as everyone else!”

Withington said that she wanted an Asian donor because her daughter, Odette, has Asian heritage while her other kids are white.

“When I found the right donor I told him everything I was and wasn’t comfortable with; I was personally only comfortable with artificial insemination and the donor I chose was strictly AI.”

Then she welcomed her miracle baby girl, Nora, who is now one year old.

After Nora, Brooke also welcomed another child named, Mabel with a man she dated for a few months.

“I love having five kids but I’m definitely thinking about having one more child one day and if I do – I will definitely be going down the sperm donor path again,” she told Daily Mail. “The conception and pregnancy with Nora was the most drama and stress free experience.”

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