Australian Mother Criticises Toy Company Miniland Dolls for Using “Exaggerated Lips” on Black Baby Dolls

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In today’s world, representation is very important and everyone should feel equally loved and respected. When it comes to children, they’re at an age where they need to learn about the realities of life in a friendly way – that’s where toy companies come in and carry the responsibility.

Today’s story comes from an Australian mom, Jean, who recently uploaded a video on her TikTok.

In her video, she shows major differences between dolls according to the color of their skin. She wrote in the caption:

“It’s the exaggerated nose,forehead and mouth for me”

Her video gained over 4k comments, with many people agreeing with her and what she’s trying to say.

LunaMoonBather commented:


lindadawson758. wrote:

“I know we have plump lips but this lips . ..babies have tiny cute not just like an adult’s own”

While one viewer, ugh, recommended Kmart because of how much better their dolls are:

“kmart is pretty diverse in baby dolls and in their barbie-type dolls, if you’re still looking around”

After receiving some negative comments, Jean explained the reason for her video by writing a comment on it:

“There is nothing WRONG with the features but these are adult features on a newborn!”

After receiving a recommendation to visit Kmart, Jean went ahead and was pleasantly surprised to see beautiful baby dolls with proper representation.

She uploaded another video, writing in the caption:

“So I went to Kmart and found some really cute Black dolls 🥰It’s not just about representation it’s equally important HOW we are presented!!”

Jean simply loved going to Kmart and seeing how they responsibly create toys to teach equality and love.

You can follow Jean’s journey on TikTok here.

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