Australia’s Most Sexually Active Woman Vows To Sleep With More Men

Annie Knight, a model known as ‘Australia’s most sexually active woman,’ has set a bold goal for herself: she plans to surpass her previous record by sleeping with an astonishing 600 men in the year 2025.

Annie, who boasts of having slept with 300 men in 2023, is currently aiming to bed 365 men by the end of 2024, with plans to further escalate her endeavors in the following year.

Reflecting on her experiences, the 26-year-old Annie expressed her frustration with the stigma surrounding women who embrace their sexual desires, particularly within the adult entertainment industry.

“Being in the adult entertainment industry has highlighted to me the amount of judgment women receive just for having a sexual appetite,” she told Perth Now.

The content creator based in Gold Coast also mentioned her aspiration to challenge the stigma associated with women embracing casual sexual encounters. She aims to promote a more positive and open attitude towards women’s enjoyment of casual sex, advocating for a society that respects and accepts diverse expressions of sexuality without judgment.

“I literally behave the same way as a lot of men out there in the world, but I’m judged for what I do. It’s ridiculous,” she added. “There is a false belief that I am somehow not intelligent because of my sexual appetite. That same narrative is not implied about men who behave the same way. They are given cute nicknames, yet I am mocked and ridiculed for simply wanting the same thing.”

The 26-year-old further mentioned that she’s making significant progress towards achieving her goal for this year.

“I am already at 100, but this has now got me thinking, what will I aim for next year? 600?” she continued.

To meet her target, Knight will need to engage in intimate relations with approximately 11 to 12 men each week without any breaks throughout the year. Despite the demanding schedule, the Australian, who asserts she earns $2 million annually, remains resolute in her pursuit of her goal.

In a recent revelation, she shared insights into her father’s perspective on her career within the adult entertainment industry.

Last October, Annie took to Instagram Stories to confirm that despite her father’s initial confusion, she has his full support. She shared with her followers, “He’s so supportive and just wants me to be happy,” highlighting the importance of understanding and acceptance within her family despite the unconventional nature of her career.

Annie also made it clear that her mother has been supportive of her lifestyle from the start.

“She sees how happy I am and is watching all my dreams come true and that’s all a mother should want for their daughter – for them to be happy,” she said.

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Source: Perth Now

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