Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun split up one year after getting engaged

According to E! News on February 21, it was confirmed by Avril Lavigne’s representative that she and Mod Sun broke up almost a year after their engagement.

However, Mod Sun’s representative informed TMZ on the same day that, as far as he knew, the couple was still together and engaged just three days before his tour departure. Any news of a breakup would be surprising to him.

The split follows photos that emerged of Avril having dinner with Tyga and a group of friends at NOBU in Malibu, California, during President’s Day weekend. Nevertheless, a source close to the situation has stated that the two are mere “just friends.”

The latest Hollywood breakup may shock fans since Mod Sun had recently spoken highly of his fiancée in a personal conversation.

Fans will likely be taken aback by the latest breakup in Hollywood, especially since Mod Sun had recently expressed his admiration for his fiancée during a personal conversation.

“I have found such a partner in this world to go through the chaos that life gives you,” he told E! News’ Francesca Amiker earlier this month. “I have found that person. I’m with a real grown woman who has gone through it all 10 times over and she makes me a better person.”

In his latest track titled “Shelter,” he featured Avril, the song narrates the tale of discovering a person who will serve as a shield as both of you journey through life together.

“She’s a princess, she really is,” he raved to Media before discussing wedding plans. “She’s a motherf–king princess. That’s real s–t, so we’re going to have a very special wedding. I can’t wait for that time to come.” 

Avril, and Mod Sun (real name Derek Ryan Smith), crossed paths for the first time in 2020 while collaborating on her album, Love Sux. At that time, she had no idea that a romantic relationship would emerge between them as co-workers.

“That’s how I was feeling when I started making this,” she told Media at the 2022 Grammys when referencing the album’s title. “I was like, ‘I need a break from relationships, I’m gonna check out.’ That didn’t last very long, a couple of days,, I got myself a boyfriend.”

In March 2022 during a trip to Paris, that boyfriend will become a fiancé following a proposal. “The day we met I knew you were the one,” Mod Sun wrote on Instagram in April 2022. “Together forever til our days are done…You’re too beautiful for my words to describe.”

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