Baby With Red Birthmark Called ‘Hideous’ And ‘Defective’, But Wait Till You See This Beautiful Kid Now

This is the story of a beautiful baby girl who was born with a unique stamp on her face that looks like a heart.

Angelica was born with a heart-shaped port swine stain across her face, and her parents always thought of it as a unique addition to their beautiful family that should be cherished.

When Angelica was born in 2018, her parents were extremely ecstatic to welcome another beautiful and healthy baby to their family. However, not everyone thought the little one was beautiful, and some people criticized and passed mean comments on the baby’s face.

Marianna from Adelaide, South Australia told The Mirror that she and her whole family were super excited when her daughter Angelica was born – they thought the unique stamp on her face was beautiful and must be celebrated. However, they still came across some rude remarks from people.

Some of the bullies went so far as harsh criticism; they even called Angelica ‘hideous’ and ‘defect,’ and someone even told her parents she would not find a boyfriend in her life.

“The worst comment online that I’ve gotten is when someone asked if her face had been pushed onto a skillet. Basically, saying her face looked grilled,” Marianna who works as a beauty therapist, told The Mirror.

“In person, I think the most hurtful thing was when someone at a soccer game told me that she was a ‘defect’. He just said that to me and then walked away, I was shocked,” she added. “I’ve gotten other comments from people saying things like she was hideous, that she would never get a boyfriend later in life and that I shouldn’t have let her play with boiling water.”

The young mother said every time someone told her to cover her daughter’s face with makeup or tried to console her with words like ‘don’t worry, it will disappear as she will grow up”, it made Marianna feel bad about them because she knew her daughter was beautiful with or without her stain and nobody could tell her otherwise.

According to the mum, people should not pass rude and unsolicited remarks to others when they know it would hurt them.

“They are literally bullying a baby. She is not even two yet, it is disgusting behaviour. I don’t care what anyone says though. I would never hide my little girl because of it, I think she is absolutely stunning.”

“I think some people are in denial about the stain, they think it will fade over time,” she continued. “The thing I hate most is when people tell me she can just cover it with make-up when she’s older.”

“Why should she cover it up?” She asked. “If she wants to flaunt it, she can. The other comment that annoys me is when people see her and tell me not to worry because she is ‘still beautiful’. It is such a back-handed compliment.”

In May 2020, Marianna painted her and her elder daughter’s faces like Angelica’s so she could see them just like she used to see herself in the mirror and feel like they were all the same. She thought it would make her feel better.

“I got the idea from vascular birthmark awareness day, where they encourage people to paint a heart on the cheeks,” the mom said, according to The Epoch Times. “Initially I just did the heart with my makeup look but then I thought why don’t I go all out and do Angelica’s port wine stain.”

The mum-of-three added that they had done tests and found that Angelica was physically fine and had nothing to worry about.

“We just need to have regular check-ups, especially for her eyes as glaucoma can be a concern. It was quite overwhelming to learn of these extra things that could go along with a port wine stain,” she told The Mirror.

“But she is doing so well, and we couldn’t be prouder of her. It breaks my heart to think about anyone being mean to her. But I see her now, and she is such a confident little girl and she isn’t afraid of anything.”

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Source: The Mirror

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