Bake Off Star Laura Adlington Goes Topless as She Slams ‘Fancy Spas’ for Excluding Plus Size Guests

Bake Off star Laura Adlington went topless as she hit out at fancy salons for failing to provide robes for plus-size guests.

Taking to her Instagram, the Great British Bake Off star, a runner-up on Channel 4 in 2020, posted a short video of herself posing in an ill-fitted robe that she couldn’t tie over her chest because of its small size.

Looking not-so-pleased due to the fitting of the unfastened robe, Adlington wrote on the clip,

“Dear fancy spas… Bigger people want to enjoy treatments too. Please make your robes inclusive. It really ruins the experience for us when they don’t fit.”

She also added a caption that read, “When the label says ‘one size fits all.’”

The post received hundreds of comments from several other ‘plus-size’ people who faced the same issue in the fancy salons that failed to provide them the robes that would rightly fit them.

“So true I take my own now however I did go to @champneysspas and they gave me a 3 XL . I felt so happy,” This Morning presenter Alison Hammond commented.

“So agree with this, and it also means they fail to allow pregnant women to enjoy anything too,” one fan said.

“Can you add hospital gowns too Laura please? I was so embarrassed recently when my gown didn’t meet at the back x,” a second commented.

“Or if they do have bigger ones available, they’re a completely different colour just to emphasise the fact that you’re wearing the ‘big’ one!” a third noted.

“So agree with this and it also means they fail to allow pregnant women to enjoy anything too,” added another.

“This is literally the thing that stops me booking spa days every week…..Well that and being poor. But the robe thing is honestly the worst. Just need the option of a 5 person tent size please and thankyou,” wrote another fan.

“Yep! Spas and hotels really need to up their robe game,” someone said.

The 32-year-old Bake Off star has been quite candid about her weight and struggles with getting pregnant. Last year, Laura revealed that she had been trying to conceive for a long time now and was told by her doctors that the only way for her to go for the IVF option was to shed at least 14st.

“Unless you’ve gone through infertility and that heartache of really wanting it and it not happening . . . it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through,” she told Fabulous Magazine.

Laura added that she struggled with mental health issues during the last three years when she was trying to conceive and couldn’t do so and felt more miserable when many of her friends started welcoming their babies.

Adding that there came the point when she became so disheartened with her situation that she wanted to end her life, Laura said she had to reach out to a suicide prevention charity, Samaritans.

“I’ve never thought, “I want to take my own life,” but I definitely have had thoughts that I didn’t want to be here any more. And I have phoned Samaritans on a few occasions and really benefitted from it.”

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