Be Patient With The Girl Who Just Had Her Heart Broken

You may not necessarily be familiar with her story. You may not have heard much about her romantic history from people you know. Maybe she casually mentioned to you that her previous relationship didn’t exactly have the best kind of ending. Or perhaps she didn’t even have to say anything at all. Maybe it was already evident through the way she was acting towards you. Maybe it was her attitude in general.

She had been dropping some little hints and tidbits about how painful the experience was for her. You know for sure that she’s a really great girl. You know that you really do care about her. You know that there is some serious potential there. However, you’re not really all too sure whether she’s going to be worth taking a chance on. You might not really be sure if she’s going to be worth the extra effort that you put into it.

And if that’s the case, then I only have one request for you. You need to be patient with this girl. You have to be patient with her because she has had her heart broken and she hasn’t had the time to heal just yet. You have to be patient with her because what she is to you now is far from the woman she could be. You just have to give her a chance to get there eventually. In the end, you will find that she’s definitely going to be worth it.

Of course, you’re probably going through a very hard time right now. And you’re probably going through a much more difficult time than a lot of new couples would typically be going through. But yours is a special case because she’s a special girl. Usually, in these early stages of a relationship, you should both be having fun in your efforts to get to know one another better.

You are supposed to be finding out more and more things about each other every day. It should be a very fun time for the both of you that is full of a lot of laughter, smiles, dates, and adventures. It shouldn’t be a time in your relationship that is riddled with tears, confusion, anxiety, frustration, and uncertainty.

You know that you should still be getting butterflies whenever you see her and that may be the case. However, you still have trouble trying to figure this girl out. You just have substantial difficulty trying to understand her. But here’s something that you need to be reminded of: she is most definitely worth it.

She just isn’t the kind of girl who is used to being good enough to be in a relationship. She is the kind of girl who only knows insecurity and worthlessness because these are all the things that her ex used to make her feel. She has yet to discover what it means to be appreciated by a man who truly loves her for who she is. She doesn’t know how to react whenever she receives pretty flowers or nice gifts because she hasn’t really experienced that before.

She isn’t really used to being okay with just opening herself up and crying in front of someone because she was never made to feel safe to do so in her previous relationship. She was always told that her feelings were irrelevant and unnecessary. She was never validated on an emotional level. She isn’t really used to being allowed to express herself however she sees fit. All she really knows is holding her feelings deep down inside so as to avoid any conflicts with other people.

She is the kind of girl who is so used to being silenced all the time and so she thinks that she has nothing of value to say. She is so used to just pretending that she’s fine all the time because she gets lambasted for acting otherwise. She is so used to just bottling up all of her feelings inside because she has always been made to feel like she’s just overreacting to everything. She was never taken seriously and so she doesn’t know how to take herself seriously either.

She isn’t really used to being allowed to just be herself. She has always been made to feel like she isn’t good enough. She has always been told that her efforts were lacking and that she would never amount to anything. She is always fighting and scrapping and that’s why she doesn’t know to relax and unwind. She is too scared that even if she lets up a little bit, she’s going to lose you.

At this moment, she might see you as someone who is too good to be true. But you’re just going to have to show her that she’s amazing. And she’s going to require a lot of convincing. So, just be patient with her. She’s eventually going to make it all worth it.

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