If He Does These 8 Things In Your Relationship, It’s Better For You To Be Single

Sometimes, honey, it’s just not worth it. You’d be better off just being single than in a relationship with this idiot who just doesn’t know how to treat you right. When it comes to love and relationships, you both always need to be doing your best to minimize the margin of error. It’s so easy for people to screw up in relationships. It’s so easy for relationships to come to an end just because one person isn’t conducting themselves accordingly. And that’s why you really need to step in whenever you see that he just isn’t living up to your personal expectations. You really need to be able to stand up for yourself and demand more from him.

It’s not about being too picky. It’s about not settling for anything that is less than what you deserve. You always need to fight for the love that you think is right for you. And sometimes, that means having to walk away from the wrong kinds of love. And if you see that he does these 8 things in your relationship, you know that you would just be better off as a single lady.

1. He hides his genuine feelings from you.

What’s the point of getting into a relationship with someone if he’s only going to hide how he really feels? You need to be with a guy who isn’t afraid to hide how he feels for you. You need someone who is always going to allow himself to be vulnerable with you; someone who understands that being open is integral to getting closer to another person.

2. He doesn’t pay you the respect that you deserve.

Mutual respect should be the foundation for any kind of relationship whether romantic or not. And if he just can’t seem to pay you the kind of respect that you are deserving of, then you should just dump him. A relationship is just never going to work out for the best when there is a substantial lack of respect there. You’re never going to be able to make things work if he keeps demeaning and belittling you.

3. He doesn’t invest time into your relationship.

All things worth having in this world are always going to require a lot of time, hard work, and dedication. And if he happens to be investing none of these things into your relationship, you might as well walk away. You need a guy who is going to work just as hard as you do to make sure that this relationship doesn’t fall apart at the seams.

4. He discourages you from being who you’re meant to be.

A relationship should never serve as something that holds you back from being who you want to be. And if you have a partner who is constantly dragging you down; someone who is toxic enough to withhold your goals and dreams from you, then you need to be able to walk away from all that. You would be doing yourself a major disservice by staying with someone who keeps you from being who you’re destined to be.

5. He refuses to take responsibility for his own faults and shortcomings.

A man who refuses to take responsibility for his own actions is definitely not a man who is worth being with. You need to be with a guy who is mature enough to acknowledge that he isn’t perfect; that he’s going to screw up every once in a while; and that he can always learn and grow from his mistakes so as long as he’s willing to acknowledge them in the first place. You’re never going to grow with someone who thinks he’s perfect all of the time.

6. He tries to take control of the way that you live life.

He is very controlling. Instead of being your partner, he acts like some kind of supervisor towards you. He tells you what to do and how to feel. He dictates how you’re spending your time. He is always telling you how to live your life instead of just encouraging you to make your own choices with your own independent thoughts.

7. He bars you from having an outside social life.

He doesn’t let you enjoy life outside of him – he wants to be your whole life. He is so needy and clingy. He doesn’t let you have a social life outside of himself because he is selfish.

8. He doesn’t take control of the direction of his own life.

He’s essentially a dead fish flowing on water. He just goes wherever the tide takes him. He has no real plans and he doesn’t know what he wants for his future. He is just jumping from one temporary high to another. And that’s bad. You want a man who is ambitious; someone who really has a plan for his life. You need a guy who you can really count on to provide for you in the future.

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