Be Single Until You Meet A Guy Who Would Do These 8 Things

It’s very rare to find true love in this day and age. And that’s hard for a vast majority of us. As human beings, we are all wired to crave love in some shape or form.

But unfortunately, not all of us are going to be privileged or fortunate enough to find love on our first try. In fact, a lot of us have to go through multiple failures at love before we get it right. And the failure that accompanies love is rarely ever simple. In fact, it’s just downright heartbreaking, devastating, painful, and humiliating.

Picture this scenario, you develop an interest in a person, and you decide to act on that romantic interest. And the two of you have some kind of connection with each other; so you decide to take that risk. And things are working out for the first part.

You’re as happy as can be and you really start to invest yourself in that relationship. But then, things start to go south. You discover that your efforts might not be enough after all. You start to realize that you might not be cut out for love after all; that maybe your relationship was a bad idea, to begin with.

And so, despite your unwillingness to do so, you are forced to let go of that relationship. You are forced to say goodbye. And that makes you so sad because you see so many people around you who are finding success in their relationships.

But here you are: having to say goodbye to one toxic relationship after another even after investing yourself in it. And that’s the problem: you keep investing yourself in the wrong relationships. You keep giving yourself to the wrong people, and that’s why you keep on getting hurt.

That’s why you shouldn’t be rushing into any kind of relationship whenever you get the chance to. Be patient. Wait for the one who is actually worth taking a chance on. Wait for the guy who is going to do these 8 things for you. Otherwise, it’s better for you to just stay single.

1. He devotes a lot of his time to you and the relationship.

If he is spending a huge bulk of his time on you and the relationship, then you know that you really mean a lot to him. He understands that in order for the relationship to work, it’s going to require a lot of his time and effort; and that’s why he isn’t afraid to spend a lot of his time with you.

2. He constantly prioritizes your well-being and comfort.

He always puts you first. He always makes sure that you are happy and comfortable; even if he has to put himself in a compromising position

3. He talks to you about his deepest feelings and emotions.

He opens up to you about himself. He really lets you into the most intimate aspects of his soul because he would never want you to feel like he’s shutting you out.

4. He makes you want to be a better person.

You need a man who actually brings the best out of you; a guy who is going to push you to be better. You always want to be with a man who actually motivates and inspires you to be the best possible version of yourself; someone who always propels you forward.

5. He accepts and loves all parts of you – even the imperfect ones.

He doesn’t hold back with his love for you. He is really in love with all aspects of who you are; even the parts that you think aren’t worth loving. He loves ALL of you – including the parts of you that are imperfect. He acknowledges that you are a flawed person and he still loves you because he knows that these help make up who you are as a whole.

6. He makes you feel like a genuine partner.

He always makes you feel included. He never acts without consulting you first. He never comes to terms on a decision without talking things out with you beforehand. He always makes you feel included in his life; as if you’re an active participant in the lives you share together.

7. He shows consistency and reliability in your relationship.

He really stays consistent with you. He always is reliable when it comes to you. He’s the kind of guy you can always count on to be there for you no matter how inconvenient it might be for him. He’s always going to show p and deliver for you. He’s a guy you can really trust.

8. He makes you understand what it really means to be in love.

You need to be with a man you can experience true love with. Love is the single most beautiful thing that you could possibly share with another person. And it’s not really worth having unless it’s with the right guy. And when you’re with the right guy, you’re going to discover just how wonderful love can be.

  1. I have someone special in my life does for me all the above things to me but i still feel void in my head not my heart. Sometimes i think our relationship will not work because i feel scared to be in commitment and get hurt afterwards. What can i do? Advice me.

  2. Had someone I’ve known since childhood but I was afraid to ruin our friendship, it turns out me being afraid to try was enough for him to block me in communication on all forms

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