Be with someone who you can’t live without

Don’t be with someone you can live with, be with the person who you can’t live without.

This quote talks about just how deep "true love" can be. It is very wisely said that "nothing good in life comes easy", very true. Same goes for the case of true love; if it’s worth having, it’s not going to come easily. I, myself, have been in a total of five relationships and the first four came very easily, the fifth one took an insane amount of effort and a lot of struggle, that’s why it’s the one for me, it was worth fighting for. And if it’s worth fighting for, it’s worth keeping, anything that comes out of a great struggle is like a reward you will always cherish.

The quote also talks about not settling. It talks about being patient and waiting for the one person who you deserve rather than being impulsive and just being with anyone just because they’re easy and you’re lonely. You should love yourself enough to enjoy your loneliness, a relationship shouldn’t be the means to end your loneliness. Once you love yourself enough, you will truly appreciate the person who’s with you and you will love them beyond compare, but the first step is to love yourself.

The quote talks about the intensity of pure joy and love. That you should be with someone who you can’t live without. Just being with anyone is easy, it is also easy to be without them. But actually being with a person you can’t imagine a life without is what true love really stands for and it’s what you should be aiming for in life. I can very easily say with all of my heart that I honestly can’t live without my better half. I’m not saying my life depends on her, I’m saying she’s such a huge part of my life that it just won’t be the same without her. Hence, the importance of love comes into play, when it’s so immensely powerful that it takes a huge space in your life. That is what true love is, not wanting to live without one another no matter how happy you are.

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