Discombobulated – 7 Signs You Have A Disorganized Personality


Discombobulated (adjective) – A confused person.

Used in a sentence: “He got divorced for the fourth time, he sure is discombobulated.”

Ever get the sudden strange feeling of forgetting your name? That’s what it means to be discombobulated. I won’t lie, I’ve been there countless times; we all have.

When it first appeared in the U.S. in the early 1800s, discombobulate was just a playful, rootless coinage conveying a sense of confusion.


Life is a strange collection of moments, both good and bad. As we slowly attain our preferred maturities, we collect a plethora of memories and emotions to keep around us. Some of those emotions can confuse from time to time.

Today, I’m going to be talking about the causes and reasons behind the discombobulation (is that even a real word, though?) and confusion that we often face during those tough moments.

Here are some simple, and human-friendly, signs that you’re currently confused:

1. You can’t seem to decide.

Some decisions take longer than they should; and for a good reason, too. Major life-changing decisions should always be very well thought-after. Now, I’m not saying you should miss your deadlines and continue contemplating forever.

The good news is – confusion and discombobulation are common elements of big decisions, you’re not alone.

2. Your mood is not ideal.

When we are confused, we don’t want to think about anything else until the confusion is taken care of. And that can have adverse effects on our minds. You may feel agitated and easily-irritable, staying on edge around your friends and family.

The best way to deal with this is to talk to your closest confidant and ask for help, that’s what life is all about.

3. You are unable to fall asleep.

When contemplation makes an uninvited appearance, you will have a difficult time falling asleep. Discombobulated people will toss and turn till the sun comes up. Sleepless nights and tired-down days are everyday occurrences of confusion.

The best way to deal with this challenging situation is to clear the confusion in your mind. Find a way out of it by diving deep into it, stop fearing it and start coming out from under its dark cloud.

4. You feel antisocial.

Confusion causes anxiety, which brings along a family of symptoms of its own. Anxiety is an entirely different discussion; I have covered it thoroughly as I suffer from it, too.

When we feel anxious, our first instinct is to be by ourselves. We want to be left alone, without expectations and societal pressures. Anxious people are notoriously known for finding excuses to get out of social scenarios.

But after years of being antisocial, I learned to slowly accept it and pave a small way for it in my life.

5. You are lethargic.

We, human beings, are prone to lethargy when our minds are at a crossroads — feeling low and out-of-energy while the sun is shining bright outside. It’s because our brains are the “CPUs” of our bodies. When they are overheated with discombobulated thoughts, they take up resources faster.

Again, none of these things will get any better until you accept the confusion and start working on ways to fix it for good. Ignorance is never helpful in such situations, so stay far away from it. Use your mind, intelligently. Make it find out what the solution will be. It’s your mind, after all.

6. Happiness seems very fleeting right now.

Happiness is a fleeting feeling. Happiness is a chemical reaction that takes place inside of our minds when we work hard. It’s a reaction your body sends you when it feels like you’re treating it right and not wasting it away – that’s my definition of happiness.

This fleeting effect may lead people wanting for more, which leads people to chase after things and emotions. But I digress, let’s get back to the topic of discussion.

When you’re confused, this fleeting feeling powers up ten-fold. Happy moments are gone within mere milliseconds. I’ve even gone as far as blatantly ignoring a lot of happy moments of my life because of something my mind was stuck on. But to err is human, and we learn as we live.

7. Your creativity is fading.

I suffer from massive writer’s block when I’m confused. Our minds need space to be creative, to think, and to invent. No amount of effort is going to make this feeling go away, not until you’ve dealt with the confusion.

Give yourself and your mind some room to breathe. If those pesky thoughts are too overpowering, try meditating for five minutes. It always works for me.

Questions about the subject.

1. Am I discombobulated?

If the signs above hit home for you, you’re going through days of confusion.

Don’t worry, though. Life will throw a lot of discombobulating scenarios your way, and you have to train your mind to deal with them in a specific way.

2. How do I get rid of discombobulated thoughts about my relationship?

Communicate. Have conversations with each other about how you feel inside. Let your fears be known. You’re in love; it should get rid of your burdens for you.

3. How do I pronounce the word ‘discombobulated’?

US pronunciation

Bonus: In case you were wondering how the amazingly-gorgeous Sofia Vergara says the word, Ellen wondered the same.

Talk to me (Discuss)

Let’s get the discussion going, down below! I will, personally, be responding to your questions. As always, have a beautiful life.

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