Being Loyal Is More Than Just Not Cheating On Your Partner

Being loyal means always coming clean to your girl even when it’s inconvenient to do so.


Being loyal doesn’t mean just keeping your eyes locked on hers and hers alone. It’s not just about not texting that girl who slipped you her number at the club that one night. Being loyal is more than just choosing to spend every single night with just one person. It’s more than just going home to your partner every single night. It’s not just about choosing to stay at your partner’s side without even entertaining the thought of getting with other girls. Being loyal has so much more depth to it than that and you have to really understand that if you want to be the loyal partner that your partners wants you to be.

Being loyal is when you actually take out all of the phone numbers of all the girls you’ve ever dated and girls whose numbers have no business being in your phone in the first place. Your phone is only reserved for your closest friends, family, and your girl. Being loyal means voluntarily taking yourself off of any dating site that you may have previously signed up for because you really aren’t interested in dating anyone new anymore. Being loyal means not having to think about finding any prospective replacements for your partner should things not work out for you. You’re sure about what you have. You are certain that the happiness that you have with your current happiness is the only kind of happiness that you could ever want in life.

The thought of building a life of happiness with anyone new even repulses you and makes you feel like that’s not a kind of happiness that’s even worth pursuing. Being loyal means not just passively waiting for your girl to ask you to stay faithful to her. Being loyal means actively doing things every single day making the most out of every opportunity that you have to reassure her that you only have eyes for her; to reassure her that you would never think of or act on any impulse to cheat on her. You make sure that you prove your love for her with both actions and your words. You never give her any reason to think that you would ever leave her for another person. Being loyal means casting any doubt that she may have in her mind about how serious you are about her.

Being loyal means that you don’t even playfully flirt with another girl no matter how innocent it may seem because you don’t want to be leading anyone else on; and also, you know that it wouldn’t make your girl too happy to know that you’re flirting around regardless of your intentions. Being loyal means automatically shutting down any romantic or sexual advances that any other girl might throw towards you. It means that you make it absolutely clear to anyone and everyone that you’re taken and that you’re off the market. It means that you make it clear to everyone that you’re fully committed to one girl and you’re committed for the long haul indeed.

Being loyal means being happy with the fact that your partner is helplessly in love with you and being content with not having to seek for validation from anyone else. Being loyal means not being ambiguous about your relationship status regardless of where you are or who you’re with. Being loyal means erasing any doubt in anyone’s mind that you’re not with anyone that you’re still looking to date around. Being loyal means making it downright obvious that you’re just not interested in dating anymore because you feel like you’ve found the one. Being loyal means always coming clean to your girl even when it’s inconvenient to do so.

Being loyal means allowing yourself to open up to your girl about absolutely anything because you know that open communication is what it takes to make a relationship work. Being loyal means not hiding any of your feelings because you know that you can trust your partner with absolutely anything. And lastly, being loyal is always making sure that you’re actually building a relationship that’s built to last a relationship that actually has a future. Being loyal means always discussing whatever plans that you may have for yourself and for your relationship.

Being loyal means being forward-thinking, because it’s not just enough for you that you’re together now; you actually want to stay together forever. You would never want to see a day wherein you’re both not by each other’s side. Being loyal means sticking to one another despite the odds; even when things get really difficult. Being loyal means toughing out the hard times and laughing it out during the good times. Being loyal means growing in love with one another. Being loyal means that you understand that what you have isn’t some temporary thing. It’s forever.

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