Being Loyal Means So Much More Than Just Choosing Not To Cheat

Being loyal isn’t just “not cheating”, it’s so much more.

Being loyal isn’t just about making sure that your eyes don’t wander off to places that you’re not supposed to be looking at. Being loyal isn’t just about making sure that you keep your private parts to yourself and to your partner alone. Being loyal isn’t just about making sure that you don’t spend the nights at the homes of different people; it isn’t just about making sure that you’re only kissing one pair of lips; it isn’t just about making sure that you’re only physically intimate with a single individual. Being loyal is so much more than that. 

Being loyal is you making the decision to actually delete your Tinder profile and other such dating apps that might be on your phone, because you don’t have any use for them as of this moment. Being loyal means deleting the names and contact information of all your old one night stands because you know that you won’t be calling them ever again. Being loyal means that you are generally content and happy with the person that you’re with and the thought of you being with anyone else would never even cross your mind. 

Being loyal is you actually making sure that you wear your wedding ring at all times. It is you making sure that your Facebook relationship status is always clear-cut and unambiguous. Being loyal means that you are willingly going to make all the people around you know that you are unavailable because you only have eyes for one person. Being loyal means that you want to erase any doubt on everyone’s minds about your availability. 

Being loyal means always practicing full honesty with the person that you’re with. Being loyal means coming clean to your partner about whenever you may occasionally encounter your ex or an old flame. Being loyal means always telling the truth about that person who was flirting with you at the bar. Being loyal means always opening yourself up to communication. Being loyal means being mature enough to always have serious discussions no matter how difficult or uncomfortable they may be. Being loyal means knowing that your partner is a person who is always deserving of the truth whether it’s convenient or not. 

Being loyal is you taking the time and effort to know and understand all the expectations that your partner has for you. It means you trying your best to live up to all of those expectations and to apologize whenever you come up short. Being loyal is knowing all of the boundaries that your partner sets in the relationship and always making sure that you are operating within those boundaries never wanting to go over the line. Being loyal means respecting your partner’s needs and also being honest about your own needs as well. 

Being loyal means understanding that you are welcome to have friends who are people of the opposite gender, but it also means that you have to practice wisdom and restraint every single time temptation is going to present itself. Being loyal means that you wouldn’t hide any provocative or controversial text messages that you may receive from third parties. Being loyal means that you don’t leave anything out whenever you are coming clean. Being loyal means that you always let your partner know about everything that is happening to your heart and your mind. 

Of course, if we’re going to be technical about it, you wouldn’t be cheating on your partner if you went against a lot of the things that are listed on here. But just because it isn’t technically considered to be cheating doesn’t mean that you are being a loyal partner. Just because you’re not cheating on your partner doesn’t make you loyal and it’s always important that you actually know the difference. You would never want too subject your partner to any pain or unwarranted suffering. Being loyal isn’t just about not sharing your bed with another partner. It’s about not opening your heart up for anyone else to snatch. 

Being loyal means making the conscious decision to love your partner and your partner alone for the rest of your days. It means that the general well-being and the happiness of your partner should always be the priority in life. Being loyal means that you would make a real commitment to never hurt your partner in ways that would scar them for life. Being loyal means that you are really decided on spending the rest of your days with this individual and no one else. Being loyal means that you would never do anything to rock the boat in the relationship because it would absolutely tear you apart inside to know that you dropped the ball. Being loyal means being true in your love for your partner. Being loyal means loving your partner without reservation.

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