Being Single Is Better Than Being With Someone Who Doesn’t Spark A Fire In Your Heart

There are plenty of people who roam this earth who go through the unfortunate process of slipping in and out different relationships just for the sake of it. And that’s unfortunate because these relationships end up being meaningless and void of any actual worth. They are placeholder relationships; the kinds that you get into just to pass the time. These are the relationships that you get into until the right person for you comes along. And that’s wrong because peoples’ feelings end up getting hurt. And you only waste a huge bulk of your time by doing so. Remember that being single is better than being with the one you’re not meant to be with.

When you are a relationship that makes you feel bored; a relationship that doesn’t really make you feel fulfilled, then you’re just wasting your time. And even worse, you are depriving yourself of the opportunity to actually seek out the person you’re meant to be with for the rest of your life.

You could use the time and energy that you spend on these meaningless relationships for better things. You could devote more time and energy doing the things that actually inspire you; the things that actually add value to your life. You could be spending more time and energy on the people who bring happiness, joy, and brightness into your life. You could be spending more time learning new things, acquiring new skills, going on new adventures, and just fighting to be a better version of yourself overall. You could spend more time getting to know yourself better just so you can get in better touch with who you are and what you’re looking for.

Because if there’s one thing that we should all know about love by now is that even though it may come easily, it doesn’t necessarily stay that way. It’s just practically impossible for you to be able to make things work with someone you’re incompatible with. It can be very easy for you to just develop a simple interest for anyone that you might meet. But it’s almost a near impossibility for you to meet someone with whom you just connect, someone you know you can just spend the rest of your life with. That kind of meeting is just rare. But it’s out there. The possibility of finding that kind of love is out there. And that’s why you always have to be making yourself available for that love. You always have to make sure that you aren’t closing yourself off by staying in relationships that you know are just going to end up crashing and burning anyway.

You should always be trying to play it safe with your feelings and emotions. You shouldn’t be getting your hopes up on people who just aren’t worth it. You shouldn’t be investing yourself in relationships that aren’t going to last. You should try to guard your heart more. Because bit by bit, the more that your heart breaks, the more difficult you’re making it for yourself to find love in the future. Don’t open your heart to people who you know are only going to use and abuse you. Don’t let yourself be so vulnerable to the ones who aren’t really worth trusting. Stop allowing yourself to fall for the people you know you’re just never going to be able to make things work with. It’s such a waste of emotional capital. It’s such a waste of time and energy. You deserve better. The best is out there and you just have to stay patient. Just make sure that you don’t rush into anything that isn’t worth rushing into. Otherwise, you’re just setting yourself up for a lot of disappointment and heartache.

A lot of us are guilty of falling for toxic individuals; people who are just downright bad for us. And that’s normal. There’s a perfectly normal reason for that. It’s because of our desperation as human beings. We so desperately want to find “the one” that we sometimes trick ourselves into believing that the wrongs are right. But that’s dangerous. We try to convince ourselves that these toxic people are the ones we need to be with; but then, we only end up getting manipulated and abused. And that’s always unfortunate. That’s not what love should be.

That’s why you need to be more comfortable with just staying single. You can’t be so afraid of living that single life. You can’t let that fear of being single drive you into the wrong relationship. You’re only going to end up suffering even more. Embrace your singlehood. And just trust in the fact that you’re eventually going to find the love that is meant for you; and that that love is going to give you the happiness that you have desperately been seeking.

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