Being single is better than being with someone whose soul doesn’t match yours

Who doesn’t love the idea of having a beautiful relationship in their lives? Don’t we all fantasize about being loved by that one person who could be our perfect match? but, sometimes we can get frustrated with this desire and the frustration makes us give in to our desperation of finding “the one.” Maybe that’s the real reason behind all the times you’ve said “yes” while being full of doubts and uncertainty on the inside.

We tend to get hurt and disappointed when we don’t get what we want in our relationship and that could an apparent cause of the instant regret we feel when we realize we’ve gotten ourselves into the wrong relationship, with the wrong person. The thing is, as much as we’d want a perfect love life with a wonderful person, these things happen in their own given time.

Sometimes we can convince ourselves to hold onto our hopes and wait for the right one, but none of us is always a winner in the waiting game. Our desperation may kick in sooner or later, causing us to lose sight of what and who you’re really looking for. In moments of clouded judgment like these, we find ourselves recklessly making decisions about our next relationship because we just don’t want to wait any longer.

The fact of the matter is, waiting for your dream of ending up with the best person for you to come true is worth every single second of the wait because being single will always be better than committing to someone who isn’t meant for you. Choosing to remain single over of stepping into the wrong relationship means you get to spend all your love, time and energy on your own self instead of giving it to someone who either doesn’t deserve it or doesn’t want it. One just needs to be very mature and patient about the whole “waiting on the one” scenario because otherwise, we are bound to rush ourselves into relationships that can go completely wrong.

It’s an unnecessary mess we make. We’ve all made the mistake of falling for toxic people. The narcissist, the egoist, the immature, overly sentimental, the emotional abuser, the blame-game expert, the discouraging criticizer, the paranoid psychopath, the demanding sexist, you name it. It’s all because those people and our desperation teams up to convince us we’ve finally found the one and we just dive in headfirst into their lives and let them into ours all the way through.

We end up with a damaged heart and mind not to mention, a bettered love life all because we choose to live with a decision gone horribly wrong over living with being single. We end up with these bruises on our hearts because we seem to lack the patience it takes to understand that true love is more precious than anything one could think of and because of how unique and sacred it is, you’re not going to find it just anywhere, in anyone. It’s not a routine thing; finding the love of your life.

We’re surrounded by wrong choices and bad decisions ready to be made, and that’s what makes it so easy to end up in a relationship that will break off sooner than you know. Because good things are so hard to find, the right link, one that will become a part of you for the rest of your life is not so easy to come by.
Sometimes, the idea of a relationship with the person you’ve been hanging out at the bar with or getting to know at work or somewhere else, may feel so enticing and just so overwhelmingly exciting that your curiosity may just get the better of you.

You may feel deep down that they’re not the right person or at least that you can’t be sure about them because you don’t know them well enough to be confident enough but go in still, ending up in a relationship that was never really meant to be anyway. Blame that experience on your impatience of getting yourself into the right bond. Please stop treating yourself and your love as a lab where you can perform all sorts of irrational experiments. Treat yourself like the important person that you are and keep your passion for yourself until you’ve found “the one.”

Don’t just throw your emotions around in attempts of trying to finally hit the jackpot and find your diamond among all the trash. Being single is a perfectly reasonable thing to do. In fact, the more time you spend trying to understand your own self and your own emotions, the more likely you are to make just the right decision when someone walks up to you asking to build a special connection with you. Go ahead and be single and do it fearlessly. Don’t be nervous about the loneliness. Being single will make you realize that loving yourself will do you wonders that are much more emotionally moving than the butterflies you get in your stomach when you’re dating a person whose soul is not connected to your own.

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