Ben Affleck Becomes a Meme Again After 2023 Grammy Awards

Affleck becomes a MEME once again with his bored and disinterested expressions at the Grammys.

The 65th Annual Grammy Award Ceremony took place on Sunday in Los Angeles.

During the show, the 50-year-old Batman star looked uninterested and even bored from his facial expressions as he sat next to his gorgeous wife, Jennifer Lopez.

“The 50-year-old leading man accompanied his wife Jennifer Lopez, 53, who dazzled in a sheer blue dress as she presented the award for Best Pop Vocal Album,” Daily Mail wrote.

While J.Lo seemed to have a blast at the award ceremony and enjoyed it throughout, Ben didn’t look interested at all.

Obviously, his bored person facial expressions didn’t go unnoticed by tabloids and fans, and he is all over the internet now.

Netizens are using his pictures from the Grammy 2023 show and making memes on it. And contrary to Ben’s facial expressions, the memes are very interesting and even hilarious.

“Ben Affleck looks like he’s thinking about the best sandwich he ever ate in his life and then remembering that place closed down,” one wrote on Twitter.

“Ben Affleck is every introvert everywhere. You can see his batteries draining inreal-timee. Man is already at 23%, #Grammys #SaveBen another tweeted.

“ben affleck is so consistent in his misery i almost have to admire it,” a third added.

“Ben Affleck looks like he’d rather be at Dunkin,” wrote Philip Lewis, the senior front page editor at HuffPost.

“Ben Affleck at the Grammys is me any time I have to be on a zoom call,” a user said about her mood every time she has to attend a zoom meeting.

“Ben Affleck is me as a kid being dragged somewhere I didn’t want to go,” someone said.

“Ben Affleck would rather be anywhere else than front row at the #Grammys2023 watching Stevie Wonder crush Higher Ground,” a senior write at The Daily Beast wrote on his Twitter.

“Ben Affleck wants to go home Jen. Everyone in this video looks like they are vibing to a different song,” another wrote.

“why does Ben Affleck always look like he’s 10 minutes away from crying during a much needed smoke break,” someone asked.

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