15 Awkward Things That Only Women With Big Boobs Can Relate To

The struggle is real.

Big boobs can be both a beauty and a curse. A lot of women who are flat-chested will look at big-breasted girls and sigh with envy. And for the most part, yes, big boobs can be a great asset. But it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be either.

There are plenty of awkward disadvantages that come with having big breasts. And all women with big chests will be able to attest to these various awkward situations that they might often find themselves in:

1. A lot of people are going to look at your boobs – not because they are sexually aroused by your breasts, but because they are contemplating whether your breasts are real or not (THEY ARE, BY THE WAY).

2. Food is going to sometimes get lodged in between your breasts while you’re eating out in public and you find yourself stuck in something of a dilemma. Either you risk looking like an idiot and fish around for that piece of food stuck in between your dress. Or you just let it stay there for the mean time and eventually fish it out later when you’re in private.

3. Hugging other girls with big boobs can be a pure physical struggle. It’s like playing Tetris. You’re trying your best to give an intimate hug to someone else while simultaneously having to navigate the proper way to do it so that your breasts don’t collide with one another’s.

4. Bigger boobs mean bigger mass of skin. A bigger mass of skin and fat can mean a warmer area. More warmth on a bigger mass of skin can only translate to more sweat. And that’s just the thing. Big boobs tend to sweat a whole lot more than smaller ones.

5. There will be days wherein your bra just refuses to cooperate with you. They won’t support you in the way that they are designed to do so. And on these days, even something as simple as walking down a sidewalk without drawing attention to your bouncy chest can be such a struggle. You wouldn’t even think of walking on stairs on these days.

6. There will be moments where you are out in public and you’re having a good time. But somehow, you can’t shake the feeling that people are just staring at you in a strange manner. And then you look down to see that one or both of your breasts have decided to take a peek out of what you’re wearing.

7. In relation to a previous item on this list, instead of people staring at your boobs while they wonder about its authenticity – there will be people who actually have the gall to just go up to you and outright ask if you’ve had anything done with your breasts. And you don’t know how to react because you feel like it is both a compliment and an insult at the same time.

8. You are frustrated whenever you go on a diet because even though you want to look slimmer and leaner, your boobs will rarely ever cooperate with you. First of all, they’re probably what makes you look so heavy in the first place. And second of all, if you start to get slimmer, your boobs end up looking very disproportionate to your body. So you just end up giving up on dieting and working out as a whole.

9. The super high-end underwear and lingerie stores are unlikely to carry items that fit your breast size. It’s both humiliating and emotionally uplifting at the same time. You never know what to feel during these failed shopping sprees.

10. You can never get overly excited about something to the point where you just start jumping around. Because the moment that you do decide to let yourself get carried away, people aren’t going to be noticing how happy you are; they will be focusing on the two melons that are bouncing up on down on your torso.

11. Clothes that aren’t normally designed to reveal cleavage just end up revealing everything whenever you wear them anyway. It’s something that you embrace and curse at the same time. So it’s hard for you to wear something “modest” because your breasts always tend to get in the way.

12. Whenever a post or a meme that jokes about having big boobs pops up online, your friends will be so quick to tag you in them. And you don’t know whether you should be proud or ashamed.

13. Wearing bikinis and swimsuits is essentially a struggle for you. The time that you spend at the beach or at the pool is mostly just you adjusting your top a lot of the time.

14. Guys will tend to just focus on your breasts when you post photos of yourself online – and they will assume that you’re a slut because you show too much cleavage. But the truth is that you just have big boobs.

15. And while you loathe the struggles of having big boobs, you know that you secretly love them on the inside.

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