Black Woman Reveals her Shock as her Bestfriend Ditches her Wedding by saying her Fiancé is ‘Just like Every White Guy’

A 23-year-old woman revealed her best friend refused to attend her wedding because her groom was white.

The bride-to-be wrote a post on Reddit and shared that her wedding is in a month, and just a week ago, her best friend sent her a message and said she wouldn’t attend the wedding because she doesn’t like her white fiancé.

 “I was so surprised at her messages; they came off a surprise,” said the Atlanta native.

“I’m really sorry but I don’t think I’ll be able to come. I’ve been thinking about this for a while but I just don’t like that your boyfriend is white.” Her best friend, also black, wrote in a message.

“I asked her to explain further, and she said, ‘he’s just like every other white guy and is only with you because you’re black’ and we haven’t spoken much since.” She added. “It’s just so strange; there was never any awkwardness with them. They got along well, and I thought she liked him.” said the bride.

“I would have loved for her to be here,” said the black woman. “But she comes out of nowhere with that, and it just doesn’t seem like her.”

The bride (name not revealed) also added that her best friend’s last-minute cancellation was also an inconvenience as her fiance’s family has paid for everyone’s ticket and accommodation.

“It just sucks. It shouldn’t be about race, black or white. It is about people’s happiness and she needs to respect that,” she wrote.

The bride-to-be’s post received many comments that said her bestie is a racist and she needs to end her friendship with a person who is not tolerant and respectful towards other people regardless of their ethnicity.

“Your best friend is a racist. I’m sorry you had to find out this way,” said one fellow Redditor.

“Your friend is not only racist but she is the shittiest type of ‘friend’, because how could she tell you that she thinks your soon-to-be husband is with you exclusively because of your skin color. She is probably jealous too. What a shitty person, honestly,” said another.

“Racism is racism, and she clearly has it. If that’s going to be her attitude, then you’re going to have to tell her goodbye since this is the man you’ve deemed worthy of spending the rest of your life with. It sucks but goes focus on your nuptials and the coming ceremony. And congratulations,” another commented.

“Then she is not your friend. My wife and I had the same situation. I’m the one that is Black. The love of my life for the last 54 years was an emerald-eyed redhead colleen. The ones whom I thought were my friends weren’t but it did not matter in the long run. We were together for 54 years. Two Kids and two Grandkids. The best years of my life,” someone else wrote.

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